Friday, January 21, 2022

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Envy Corps calls it quits


Arguably the most successful act not named Slipknot to come out of Iowa has walked away from the recording studio where they were working on their next album and decided to go their separate ways.

The Envy Corps in happier days.

The Envy Corps in happier days.

In a move befitting central Iowa’s most intellectually emo act, the official statement released by the band takes great pains to avoid using words like “break up” or “end,” instead calling the move an “indefinite hiatus.” But for those close to the action, the writing is on the wall.

As Corps members have found other projects to focus more and more of their time on — Scott Yoshimura and his band Canby; Brandon Darner and his production work — The Envy Corp had become less and less of a priority. The band had recently gotten together to work on its long-awaited follow up to 2011’s “It Culls You,” but work on the unnamed album was slow going.

“We’d be jamming on a song, and my mind would keep going back to my other band,” Yoshimura admitted in a phone interview. “I keep feeling like Canby is almost where it needs to be. I think that, with two more horn players, another guitar, an extra drummer, four more singers and maybe a zampogna player or two, the sound could really come together.”


“I was really into being a part of Envy Corps while Envy Corps was a viable, volatile thing,” Darner added. “But the minute it became clear that not everyone’s head or heart was into it, it was like, ‘What are we even doing?’ ”

Now, with the new album’s future seemingly dead and the continuation of the band unlikely, Envy Corp’s members will return to the projects that seem to have divided them. And while fans may lament the move, Envy Corps’ members are not missing a beat. Yoshimura, vocalist Luke Pettipoole and guitarist/synth man Micah Natera all have other bands to focus on, and Darner may soon find himself pulled in two directions.

“I’ve got my production studio, which is busier than ever,” Darner said. “But now, since Slipknot is considering firing Mick Thompson, Shawn Crahan contacted me about coming back and playing with them on tour. So, regardless of where The Envy Corps goes in the future, if anywhere at all, it’s safe to say that my plate is full.” APRIL FOOLS


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