Monday, July 26, 2021

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Scott CochranCochran
“I’ll See You in the Moonlight”

If Scott Cochran is not the best blues bassist in the state, he is certainly in the picture. Known mostly for anchoring other people’s bands — perhaps most notably Matt Woods & The Thunderbolts — Cochran is a better-than-average songwriter in his own right. At just three songs, “I’ll See You in the Moonlight” is an all-too-brief look at some of Cochran’s work, but the EP still manages to show a stunning depth of range. From the title track’s gritty, Nick Cave-esque feel to the straight blues of Thunderbolts’ live track, “Good to Mama,” to the countrified ballad “When the Good Times Are Gone,” the EP showcases Cochran’s songwriting talent as well as the man’s incredible range and versatility as a bassist. It is a quick look, but one definitely worth taking. CV


Diane CoffeeDiane Coffee
“Everybody’s a Good Dog”
Western Vinyl

Diane Coffee — a side project of Foxygen drummer Shaun Fleming — started out with enough promise to keep people interested. The group’s debut, “Mr. Fish,” was a psychedelic-rock throwback that did not remind people of better acts like Radio Moscow but showed flashes of potential. Unfortunately, “Everybody’s a Good Dog” does nothing to build upon that. Instead, what we find ourselves listening to is a mimeograph of the first album. You could mix these tracks up on your table, and anyone you asked would be hard pressed to put the two lists back in the right spots. Opening track “Everyday” is indicative. It might be the best track on the album, but it is also a direct ape of “Mr. Fish” track “All the Young Girls.” It is not bad music; it is just unoriginal and safe. That might actually be worse. CV

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