Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardKing Gizzard

“I’m in Your Mind Fuzz”

Heavenly/Castle Face/ Flightless


There is a lot about this band to feel dubious about. With a name like that and a lineup that consists of two drummers, three guitarists and a dedicated harmonica player, it can be easy to write this Australian septet off as a novelty act. That, however, would be folly. King Gizzard is an extremely adept psychedelic punk act. Imagine all the best parts of Radio Moscow, combined with a low dose hit of King Crimson. Tracks like “Cellophane” and the title track are fast paced, funky and tight sonic excursions that run the gamut from ’60s psychedelia to Zappa-laced absurdity and hit all those points with equal precision. “I’m in Your Mind Fuzz” is the band’s strongest album to date and is an impeccable introduction to the band for any newcomers. In other words, everyone.



The Lone Bellowthelonebellow_cvr

“Then Came the Morning”



The Lone Bellow was a band that seemed to have it figured out from the get-go. Its self-titled 2013 debut carried with it none of the feelings of growing pains that one normally associates with an act that is saying hello to the world. Now, barely a year later, the band is back with a follow-up that does not miss a beat. Featuring more gospel influences than the band’s previous installment, “Then Came the Morning” is thoughtful, refined and gorgeous throughout. Singer Zach Williams has only grown more confident over the past year, and the slightly altered sound seems to be even more in his comfort zone. But the band really soars when it allows the harmonies to go unfettered. In those moments, The Lone Bellow goes from great to special.


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