Friday, August 12, 2022

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cd Pixies Indie CindyThe Pixies

“Indie Cindy”


There are two ways to look at “Indie Cindy.” You can compare it to the other alt-rock albums being released today, or you can compare it to The Pixies, an iconic American band that last released an album 23 years ago. If you choose to do the latter, you’re probably going to be disappointed. The album was first teased out last summer with the release of “Bagboy,” a track that was thoroughly (and rightfully) savaged by critics. If, however, you look past the band’s pedigree, you’re more apt to see “Indie Cindy” for what it is: a good 2014 alt-rock album, “Bagboy” not withstanding. “Indie Cindy” has almost none of the fire or vicious commentary of “Surfer Rosa” or “Doolittle,” but opening track “What Goes Boom” certainly tries. Black Francis’ lyrics are lackluster throughout, but Joey Santiago’s crunchy guitar sounds are as good as ever. It’s not your father’s Pixies, but after 23 years, maybe that was asking too much. CV


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cd Neon TreesNeon Trees

“Pop Psychology”

Mercury, Def Jam

Neon Trees has always been one of those bands that kind of act like scenery. Everything I’ve heard from them on the radio has been fine enough — I even rather liked “Everybody Talks” — but none of it has made me think, “I should get this whole album.” Then the song stops, the radio plays a different band, and I go on with my day, completely forgetting that the Neon Trees is even a thing, until the next time I hear one of its songs. Repeat cycle. “Pop Psychology” doesn’t break from that mold. It’s not an album so much as a collection of pretty-OK individual songs. I tapped my toes a bit (“Pop Psychology” absolutely infested with catchy hooks), and a couple times even thought to myself, “That was a fun song.” Then I promptly forgot about it as the next one started. CV

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