Monday, January 24, 2022

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CD White Andy Angle

‘White Andy’

One Leg Up

The “White Andy” EP is a throwback to the early ’90s glory days of hip-hop. It’s actually a rather refreshing entry into the scene, as the current trends tend to move further away from the roots that made hip-hop so popular in the first place. “White Andy” comes at its sound unashamed: The beats are light, and the lyrics are clever and delivered with a hint of humor. In a nutshell, it’s clear that Angle had fun with this. It’s true that “White Andy” keeps itself feeling light and airy by avoiding any real pressing social or personal commentary, so if you like a little polemic with your hip-hop, you’re best to look elsewhere. But for lovers of the genre who just want to have fun, this stuff is top shelf. CV



CD Wolves in the AtticWolves in the Attic

‘Pink Mist’

Mission Freak

Wolves in the Attic are self-proclaimed descendants of ’90s alt acts like Built to Spill, Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth. And while the influences are very apparent in “Pink Mist,” it’s also pretty easy to trace the band’s lineage from its ’90s alt parents to the grandparents in ’80s prog. The tracks on “Pink Mist” are like a sonic Easter egg hunt; everywhere you look, there’s another influence peeking out and making you like the band more. Front man Eric Moffitt’s vocal delivery is multi-layered and engaging, and the trio — rounded out by drummer Trent Derby and bassist Chris Lachky — has a sense of timing for one another that makes the EP go by entirely too quickly. CV

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