Friday, August 12, 2022

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CD Tegan and SaraTegan and Sara



This is not the Tegan and Sara you went to college with, and that’s a good thing. The Canadian twin sisters spent most of their 20s developing the acoustic, almost folky, kind of emo sound that became their trademark. But the ladies aren’t in their 20s anymore, and they’ve got different things to say — or at least, different ways to say it. From the very start with opener, “Closer,” fans are introduced to a more poppy duo, rife with synth and electro beats. The songwriting is still everything fans have come to expect from the Quin sisters, but the presentation is fuller and shows a duo that’s more willing to explore their sound and try new things. The result is bigger, still emotionally strong and cynicism free. The ladies have always sounded good, but this is the first time they’ve sounded confident. CV


CNA - Stop HIV Iowa




MINT has a well-developed, mature sound. And for a first release, “Chemical” is a safe bet for the band to hang its hat on. From the opening song, “Confusion,” the band puts its cards on the table and shows a sound that’s soulful yet unashamed of its pop underpinnings. Front-man Bradford Johnson’s work on “Confusion” and “Outer Space” help to make each song the most listenable tracks on the album, but there’s something to like on almost every track. The only one that falls short is “Le So Fa Mi,” a tongue-in-cheek pop ditty with vocals admirably performed by drummer Christian Peters. The song feels like an outlier on an otherwise sincere album. The album quickly reverts back to form, however, and finishes up with the heart-wrenchingly poignant “Bones.” CV                

MINT’s all-ages CD release party is at Wooly’s on Friday, Feb. 1 at 8 p.m. $10

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