Sunday, September 26, 2021

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Two of a kind


two of a kind-mikoMiko Grimes, sports talk radio host and wife of Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes, was arrested at Sun Life Stadium on Sept. 27 after she head-butted a female officer in the face. The 40-year-old reportedly didn’t listen to police who told her to stay out of a restricted area, instead screaming obscenities and becoming physically combative. She was charged with battery on an officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.two of a kind-waters

It looks like violent rage toward police officials doesn’t stop with sports fans. Daonnise Rhe Waters, also 40, was arrested on Sept. 9 at 12:23 p.m. and charged with assault simple on a police officer, fire fighter and possession of narcotics. She was booked into Polk County Jail, and her bond was set at $6,000.

This information was obtained from the Polk County Crime Stoppers website. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Des Moines Police Detective Bureau asks that anyone with information on the location or identity of this suspect call 515-283-4864 or The Polk County Crime Stoppers anonymously at 515-223-1400.

Des Moines police are searching for two men who robbed a 57-year-old pizza delivery driver in the 1000 block of 17th Street in Des Moines around 6:04 p.m. on Oct. 4. The Northern Lights Pizza driver told police he was delivering a pizza to a home, but no one answered the door. He called the number associated with the order, and a man answered and said he would be home shortly. A few minutes later, the driver said he saw a white SUV arrive and two men appear, one holding a black gun. The man with the gun yelled at the driver to give him all the money and everything he had. The suspect then approached the driver and placed the gun to his chest as he searched the driver’s pockets. The suspect took the driver’s wallet, car keys and all the tip money he had, while the other suspect opened the back door and took the pizza carrier. The driver reported one of the men was a black male in his early 20s, about 5-foot-9 and skinny. An identification team was called to the scene to document fingerprints left on the car by the robber. Anyone with information should call the Des Moines Police Department or the Polk County Crime Stoppers at 223-1400.

Blotter — Des Moines

Parks and wrecked
Police responded to a report of vandalism at 5:32 p.m. on Oct. 4 at Richie Shelter in Union Park. Upon arrival, the officer met with Kody Cockrum, a staff member of the Department of Parks and Recreation, who said he was patrolling the park and came across the vandalized Richie Shelter. All 14 window screens had been torn off and thrown around; a window on the east side had been smashed, causing an estimated $300 in damage; and under the broken window was a 3-foot-long tree limb, the top half of which appeared to be burnt. Dark soot marks could be seen under one of the windows, possibly from the limb. An electrical box nearby appeared to have been burnt with the limb, too. Nothing on the building had actually caught fire, but from the burn marks it appeared that the suspect(s) made an effort to light it on fire. Cockrum reported that he had been patrolling parks throughout the day and was last by the shelter at about 3 p.m., at which time the shelter was not vandalized. There are no known witnesses.

Prep Iowa

Drive-by drama
Officers were dispatched to 5201 Douglas Ave. on a reference to shots fired at 1:36 p.m. As they arrived to the scene, several people flagged them down. A maroon Chevy Impala with “bubble type body style” was seen with three individuals firing shots at the residence on Douglas. The car was seen driving southbound on 52nd Street, firing several shots and then turning west on Douglas, firing several more shots. The bullets struck the north, east and south sides of the house. Two adult residents and a 2-year-old child were in the house at the time, but no one was injured. Both residents said they heard approximately eight to 10 shots. Police spoke to a witness who said she saw an older Chevy Impala drive by the house as the shots were fired but could not give a description of the individuals inside. One of the residents said his friend was outside of the home as the shooting happened, but the person refused to speak with police and left the scene. Police found two .223 casings on the west side of 52nd Street. CV

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