Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Two of a kind

soulja boy two of a kindbutler two of a kindSoulja Boy, 23, was arrested in Los Angeles earlier this year for possession of a loaded gun. Police found the gun in Soulja Boy’s car after pulling him over for running a stop sign. He was booked on a felony charge with a bail of $35,000. He’d also been found in possession of weapons and marijuana back in 2011.

Celebrities in California aren’t the only ones with weaponry in their cars. James Matthew Butler, 28, was booked into the Polk County Jail on Sept. 6 and charged with possession of weapon as a felon, trafficking in stolen weapons, driving without a license and interference with official acts. Like Soulja Boy, Butler had also been caught with weapons before, in an incident in 2013.


crimestopper 10-9This information was obtained from the Polk County Crime Stoppers website. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Des Moines Police Detective Bureau asks that anyone with information on the location or identity of this suspect call 515-283-4864 or The Polk County Crime Stoppers anonymously at 515-223-1400.

The Urbandale Police Department is trying to identify the person in the photo to the right regarding a theft at a local business. If you or anyone you know has information on this case or the identity of this person, you are asked to contact the Urbandale Police Department Criminal Investigation Division at 515-278-3926 or by emailing You may also contact the Polk County Crime Stoppers at 515-223-1400.

Blotter — Des Moines

Shots fired in town

Samantha Escobar reported that her car had been hit by three bullets on the evening of Sept. 27 at the intersection of 22nd and University Avenue. She told police she had just pulled out of her driveway on 22nd Street when she noticed a group of four young individuals wearing hooded sweatshirts tied up around their faces. Escobar said the group looked suspicious, and when she turned around to get a better look two of them pointed guns with green lasers at her car and fired about 10 to 12 shots. By the time she contacted police, another officer had made a report in reference to the shots fired in the same area due to a house being hit by the gunfire.

Playing with fire

A police report was made for two male minors who were hanging out at one of their houses on Sept. 27 when they left the residence and walked to Union Park and reportedly “found” three cans of spray paint in an unknown alley along the way. Both boys admitted to spray-painting the park benches, sidewalk and shelter house. They then decided to light the wet paint on fire with a lighter that they had also “found,” according to the report. They lit the paint on fire in one of the garbage cans, and the paint ignited into a flash fire that caused both of them to be burned. The two of them used a water fountain to cool the burns and then walked back to the house. The boy whose house they were staying at reportedly yelled at them and told his son’s friend he needed to go home.

Shifty storage

Police were dispatched to 4104 E. Douglas Ave. on a burglary report on Sept. 29. Jeneba Wanjah told police she has a small storage room in building 4108 E. Douglas Ave. that she rented in March. Wanjah said she was visiting a friend in that building the night before so she checked on her storage unit. She found the door was unlocked and several boxes had been rummaged through. She said an unknown amount of men’s clothing was missing. The report said the door appeared to have pry marks around the lock and an unknown suspect pried the lock to gain access sometime in the last six months. Wanjah told police that neighbors said the suspect might be a black male in his 30s who lives in the apartment complex. CV

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