Thursday, January 20, 2022

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Rap Sheet


Metro’s most wanted

most wantedNAME: Jordan William Mitchell Dock

SEX: Male

RACE: Black

AGE: 21


HEIGHT: 5’ 8’’


HAIR: Black

EYES: Brown

DOB: 10/25/1992

INFO: Do not approach this individual.



This information was obtained from the Polk County Crime Stoppers website. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Des Moines Police Detective Bureau asks that anyone with information on the location or identity of this suspect call 515-283-4864 or The Polk County Crime Stoppers anonymously at 515-223-1400.

The following offender has escaped from a residential work release facility. The offender was transferred to this facility after being granted a work release by the Iowa Board of Parole. Work Release is a minimum security setting which allows offenders an opportunity to gradually adjust to the transition between prison and the community.

NAME: Jessie Hickman SmithCrimestoppers

AGE: 24

SEX: Male

FACILITY: Fort Des Moines Work Release Facility

OFFENSE: Robbery Second Degree

SENTENCE: 10 Years


HAIR: Black

EYES: Brown

HEIGHT: 5’9”

WEIGHT: 174 Lbs.

PHYSICAL IDENTIFIERS: Tattoos: Left Forearm, Right Forearm

DATE OF ESCAPE: May 26, 2014.


Blotter — Des Moines

Des Moines Police

Don’t be a snitch

An officer was dispatched to 1111 Sixth Ave at Mercy Hospital, where James Moore had checked himself in after being assaulted and robbed by two black males on May 27. Moore stated he was talking with friends at the 700 block of Indiana when the men came up behind him and began punching and striking him. He fell to the ground, and the two men searched his pockets and took $50. Moore stated one of the men then said, “It’s all right man, don’t be a snitch,” and attempted to treat his chin.

A kick to the hip

Officers responded to a fight outside the House of Bricks after getting a report that a white male was intoxicated and fighting. Wilson told the suspect’s girlfriend to get him out. When he didn’t leave, Wilson tried to tell him herself, but he hit her twice with an open hand to her right shoulder and kicked her near the hip. He then grabbed Shanice Perry, who reported the incident, by her neck and threw her to the ground. The suspect began insulting another bar employee named Lucas Brighton and spit on him. He was arrested for public intoxication with a blood-alcohol level of .257, simple assault x2, and assault causing injury.

Piggy banks

An officer was dispatched to 1839 E. Walnut on May 27 where he met with Kevin Le and his mother Huong Le. Kevin stated his home had been burglarized. The front door and his mother’s bedroom door, which were both locked, had both been broken into and searched. He said only various change from three piggy banks was missing. CV

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