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The manager of Burger King, 655 Walnut St., called police on Nov. 13 just after 1 a.m. after she told a woman she couldn’t panhandle inside the store, so the suspect punched her. Police later found the woman in the Walgreens across the street and chased her into the skywalk, where she resisted arrest and tried to punch the cops. In the scuffle, her pants started falling down, so she was unable to run. Police were able to cuff her, but she continued to resist in the elevator until her pants fell completely to her ankles. Off the elevator and crossing a lobby, she yelled, “Look at this, this fucker is trying to rape me.” A female officer arrived to assist, but the suspect refused her help and instead slipped off her shoes and removed her pants completely. She sat, bottomless, awaiting the paddy wagon’s arrival. Among her initial charges were assault causing injury, interference with official acts and assault on a police officer.


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Police were called to the 2100 block of Southeast Leann Drive on Nov. 14 at 1:30 a.m. A man said his girlfriend had been assaulted by an intruder while he was out. The victim said she answered a knock at the door to find a man wearing a ski mask had already entered through the outside door. She threw a pot from the stove at him and tried to grab a cup to throw, too, but he pushed her toward the living room couch and punched her in the head at least four times asking her why she was there. She said she could hear another man who she had seen waiting in a SUV in the driveway yelling at the intruder to get out because someone was home. The intruder then took off. No suspects have been named. CV

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