Friday, January 28, 2022

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Published arrest charges are obtained from official law enforcement records, which are available to the public. All who are charged are innocent until proven guilty.


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Des Moines Police
Oct. 11 – 17




Students at North High School are lucky. They get school-issued laptops to take home for assignments. Unfortunately, though, that also makes them targets for theft. Police have reported two recent incidents where laptops have been stolen — one was taken from a backpack that was left unattended while a student was skateboarding over lunch break on Oct. 10, and another was lifted from a victim’s home on Holcomb Avenue over night on Oct. 12. Each is valued at $1,100.



A Capitol Cab driver called police just after 1 a.m. on Oct. 14 regarding an attempted robbery. He said he was in the 6500 block of Southeast 5th Street looking for an address after someone had called a cab to that apartment complex. That’s when his cab was blocked by two other vehicles that pulled up, and several guys got out and surrounded the cab. He did not see any weapons, but he said most of them had their hands behind their backs, and one man said, “You know what we want.” The cabbie immediately called police on his cell phone, so the guys fled the scene.



A store clerk at Fast Mart, 1621 University, called police on Oct. 13 after being robbed at the register. He told police he had refused to sell alcohol to a customer he knew to be underage. So the suspect returned wearing a bandana over his face, pushed the clerk out of the way, and went behind the counter. He took two bottles of gin, and ran out of the store. Police collected surveillance video and are investigating. CV

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