Friday, May 7, 2021

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Pro-Clinton super PAC seeks to cut into Trump’s growing margin


Medical technology entrepreneur Dr. Steven Kraus has founded an independent political action committee to boost Hillary Clinton’s White House candidacy.


Hillary Clinton speaks with Dr. Steve and Jill Kraus in their Carroll home.

The super PAC — Iowans For A Prosperous & Safer America — launched a website (  and began placing newspaper ads throughout Iowa.

The PAC intends to finance advertising in all of Iowa’s 99 counties to advocate for Hillary Clinton, Kraus said.

“There seems to be more and more vitriol spewed at presidential candidates from the media and political talk-show hosts — more than I can recall in the past half century,” Kraus said. “I think we all have to take a step back and realize presidential candidates are human beings, they have families, and they are not villains cooking up secret, diabolical plans.”

Prep Iowa

After having had the opportunity to host Clinton in his home in Carroll, Kraus said he was struck by the difference in the person he came to know and the persona painted by the media.

“I felt a duty to help the truth be known to Iowans as to the amazing, quality person she truly is. Unlike the vast majority of Americans, who will vote without ever having had the chance to meet her, I got to see the real Hillary Clinton: warm-hearted, kind, and one who cares deeply for family and country,” Kraus said.

Kraus, 52, a father of seven, who resides in rural Carroll with his wife, Jill, said 100 percent of the money raised through the super PAC will fund advertising in Iowa with an emphasis on the rural reaches of the state.

Kraus said, “The majority of Iowa is in the middle” politically and thinks in a thoughtful manner. We’re appealing to the reasonable Iowa voter.”

His super PAC’s committee plans to create advertising accordingly and promote its issues in a positive manner with a decidedly rural Iowa voice.

“We think we can sway the tide of this election in Iowa doing that,” Kraus said.

The most recent Real Clear Politics average of major polls in Iowa shows separation between Clinton and Trump in the Hawkeye State. Trump leads Clinton in the polling average by 6.3 points, an increase for him from a dead-heat 1-point margin less than a month ago.

In the past 28 years, Kraus, who started his career as a chiropractor, has developed multiple medical software companies and has owned more than a dozen health-care clinics.

Over the years, his family has hosted events at their home for both Republicans and Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa.

Clinton spoke to area supporters at Kraus’ home in July 2015.

Kraus stressed that any funds collected by the PAC will go to advertising. He and other committee members are donating their time and talents.

“There’s no administrative cost here,” he said.

Under law, super PACs are able to collect unlimited sums from individuals, corporations and unions and can advocate or attack political candidates. The super PACs cannot coordinate directly with campaigns.

According to, as of Sept. 11, 2,329 groups organized as super PACs have reported total receipts of $994 million and total independent expenditures of $568 million in the 2016 cycle.



The details on a rural Iowa super PAC

Name: Iowans For A Prosperous and Safer America

Goal in 2016: Shift Iowa to vote for Hillary Clinton

Founder: Dr. Steven Kraus


Address: I4PSAmerica, P.O. Box 276, Carroll, Iowa 51401


Douglas Burns is a fourth-generation Iowa newspaperman. He and his family own and publish newspapers in Carroll, Jefferson and other neighboring communities.burns doug 12-10-25



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