Friday, May 14, 2021

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Flying low



It’s parade season. Your 1957 Chevy has been in storage for 11 months, and it’s time to bring your prized possession out once again. Those glass packs you worked so diligently on installing are in need of a good “airing out,” and the cheater slicks need some of that excess rubber burned off.

But while the 2 mph parade pace is fine for throwing out candy and making other gearheads salivate, you know that after the final fire engine has blown its horn, your beauty will be back in the shed for another 11 months.

Drivers will be testing their skills at the Flying Low driving event Aug. 13-14 at the Ankeny Regional Airport.

Drivers will be testing their skills at the Flying Low driving event Aug. 13-14 at the Ankeny Regional Airport.

Is that any way to treat a loved one? No. Give it what it deserves — track time.

Prep Iowa

For the sixth year, the “Flying Low At the Ankeny Iowa Regional Airport” event will be held at the aforementioned venue, bringing in 70-75 competitors and their vehicles of all makes and models to test their levels of skill on a half-mile driving course.

Event volunteer Dave Vance said the under-85 mph event is open to anyone with a valid driver’s license.

“We welcome any car to come out there and run,” he said. “They are subject to a safety inspection, but any car can run. We had an electric car out there last year. We have had a Lamborghini out there, a Ferrari, older BMW sedans, and we’d like to have some Mustangs out there competing in the guest class.

“We check the car for safety no matter whose it is, and drivers must have a helmet, but we do have loaners there, too.”

The event will have a Corvette competition as well, which is more stringent in its requirements (you have to be a member of the National Corvette Club, for starters) and oversight.

But for the guest class, it’s on. The track will consist of a series of gates and chicanes for competitors to drive though while being electronically timed. Competitors can walk the course beforehand to get an idea of what they’ll be dealing with, Vance said.  Spectators can watch the driving as well.

“Bring your lawnchairs, sunglasses and plenty of suntan lotion,” Vance said. “The Ankeny Aviation Military Museum will hold a lunch for a donation, and Saturday night there will a pork chop grill-out by the museum.”

Ankeny Regional Airport is located north of Des Moines on I-35. From the south, exit I-35 at S.E. Oralabor Road to the right or east to the first stoplight and turn right on Southeast Convenience Boulevard to the airport. Those who are interested and have questions can contact Denny Luther at 515-401-8276 or

Come one, come all, said Vance — passengers, too.

“We do allow passengers,” he said. “If someone goes there and has a real strong inkling to ride in one of the cars, we have loaner helmets for them to use. They can just go up and visit with people, and they’ll let them ride with them.”

Prizes will not be awarded, Vance said. But that’s not really the point.

“The prize is the fun of doing it,” he said. “It’s amazing. You wouldn’t think that taking a car out and driving around pylons at an airport is exciting. But it really is.” CV




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