Saturday, May 15, 2021

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Locker Room

A plane and simple pull


A question for the men out there: Are you single, lonely and in need of some attention from the ladies? Are you tired of scouring Craigslist to find your “soul mate,” that person you exchange emails with, agree to meet on the corner of Fifth and Douglas by the Greyhound terminal, then take home for a nice introductory evening only to have her slam your Mad Dog 20/20 stash like a zombie apocalypse is next Thursday?

Yes, you. We see you. We don’t know this information from personal experience, but a friend told us this stuff does indeed happen.

Well, we are here to help. Better yet, so is Special Olympics of Iowa.

How would you like to be able to go to the gym on Monday morning, take your place next to Lou Ferrigno Jr. on the sweat-soaked floor to do your calf stretches and be able to say (in a low, smooth-toned, off-handed way), “Yeah, good to see ya, man. Saw ya over there on the bench press. What are you putting up these days? 190? 2 bills?”

Whatever his exaggerated response is, it doesn’t matter. You’ve got the nuclear warhead of responses on the way: “Oh, yeah? Not bad. I’m feeling pretty good about the 120,000 pounds I pulled this weekend.”

Prep Iowa

Cue the 20 swarming women at your side with the snap of two fingers. Bingo. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

Think we’re lying? Hardly. Thanks to the aforementioned Special Olympics of Iowa, your dreams are about to come true.

On June 4 at the Endeavor Air/South Cargo Ramp at the Des Moines International Airport, teams of up to 20 people will test their strength against a UPS 757 airplane weighing more than 120,000 pounds. The team that can pull the airplane 12 feet in the fastest time, wins. OK, so it’ not JUST you pulling 120,000 pounds, but, hey, details, schmetails.


Plane Pull for Special Olympics Iowa will take place on June 4 at the Des Moines International Airport.

Not only do you get ultimate bragging rights, you can win some prizes as well. In addition to the thrill of a lifetime and knowing that you’re helping a great cause, there are some nifty prizes available to motivated fundraising groups. Items will be awarded to each team member based on the amount of money donated by the team for this cause. Teams that donate $1,000 not only get to the exclusive opportunity to pull a plane, but each team member will receive a commemorative T-shirt and free lunch onsite. For $2,500, a Plane Pull water bottle is added to the list, and at $4,000, a Plane Pull cooler is part of the prize package. The Holy Grail of donations is the $6,000 mark where participants will receive their choice of a Plane Pull pullover jacket or a $500 gift card to Texas Roadhouse for a team party.

New this year is the opportunity for teams to pull twice, with fastest time counting as the final time. Both pulls will be consecutive.

Divisions include Public Safety (at least half of the team members are a public safety employees), Civic (at least half of team members are from a civic organization) High school/college, Co-ed (minimum of 50 percent of the team must be female), Special Olympian (at least half of team members must be Special Olympic Athletes), Family (at least half of team members must be 10 years old or younger) and Open (general public).

Team awards will be given for Fastest Pull, Grand Champion, Top Fundraising Team and Best Team Costume. Volunteer positions have been filled at this point, but people are free to come watch the event or sign up. To sign up, go to or email

And is this for males only? Absolutely not. Females are encouraged to join in the fun for a good cause, too. After all, they are the stronger of the sexes. CV


Special Olympics of Iowa Plane Pull

Location: Endeavor Air/South Cargo Ramp, Des Moines International Airport

Time: 10 a.m.

Cost: $1,000 per team, which averages out to $50 per person for a team of 20. Register online at

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