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Blood, sweat and beers


Titan MOB takes place Aug. 30 at Living History Farms.

Titan MOB takes place Aug. 30 at Living History Farms.

A little dirt never hurt anyone. Add in blood, sweat and beers, and you’ve got the makings of a high-octane day that’ll leave you a weathered warrior.

So what is Titan MOB? For those who skipped Mythology 101, the Titans were elder gods who ruled earth before being overthrown by the Olympians. And aside from being a large crowd of excitable and sometime unruly people, MOB stands for mud, obstacles and beer.

“Our course is designed in a way that won’t keep you waiting in line at an obstacle like you would at an amusement park,” says Director Josh Spencer. “There is a great balance between obstacles, mud and running. Just when you think your arms are about to fall off from doing a couple of obstacles, we’ll give you a break by letting your legs do the work for a little bit and vice versa.”

This particular race has been created for people who don’t mind stepping out of their comfort zone to be challenged while getting down and dirty with a bunch of strangers. While some of the course may be about realizing one’s own potential, some obstacles have been created so that they are nearly impossible to conquer without the aid of a friendly hand.


Weather be damned, the event will happen rain or shine. Mother Nature is simply another obstacle runners will need to overcome. Gloves are recommended for those who have never experienced a rope burn or splinter. Cleats or spikes of any kind are not allowed.

Remember: This event is about challenging yourself and attempting things you haven’t tried before.

“While we don’t want to give away all our secrets, we can tell you that participants will experience numerous walls ranging from 4 feet to 14 feet tall; something to carry, drag, push, pull; creek and water crossings; and numerous mud/water pits with obstacles over, under or through,” Spencer says. “We have nearly 28 obstacles, so there are obviously plenty of other obstacles that are not listed. I can guarantee that the finish obstacle will be a site to see, and everyone will find a way to finish the course just to do that obstacle.”

If, after all this, you still aren’t excited to try something new, spectators are invited to check out the action from the sidelines. The obstacle course is designed so that folks watching can take pictures and cheer on their friends and family as well as the crazy so-and-sos who signed up for this madness.

“Something about watching a person miss the next rung on the monkey bars and go splashing into the water below puts a smile on most people’s faces,” Spencer says.

Most importantly, spectators should take away a desire and drive to start training for next year’s competition.

“Our event teaches you that you are strong enough to conquer any obstacle that may lie ahead. There is always someone there to lend a helping hand when needed, and success might be around the next corner, so don’t give up,” Spencer says. CV

David Rowley is an Iowa native with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Iowa and a master’s in film journalism from the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

Aug. 23 at Living History Farms, 8 a.m.
$80 – $105

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