Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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Q/A with local author Julie Dueker regarding her winter-weather worsts and her favorite words…


According to friends, Julie Dueker is a mother, educator, author and composer who is exuberant for the Lord, energetic, patriotic, selfless, passionate and a servant.

The local author recently answered a few questions for CITYVIEW about winter in Iowa and her writing.

CITYVIEW: What is the worst weather she has survived? (With the best outcome!)

JULIE: “My husband and I were on the way to family Thanksgiving back in 1995, before we were engaged. In the midst of a wintry mix of weather, we were inching our way down an icy I-80 stretch when our car slid into the ditch. Neither of us was hurt, so he cheerfully took the opportunity to go digging in the back of the car and came out with a beautiful necklace he’d bought for me, a locket. I loved it and have always wondered what he would pull out of the back seat if we were to slide into the ditch again. I haven’t wished for it, but I’ve wondered.”

CITYVIEW: Julie’s favorite words written by her? 

Prep Iowa

JULIE: “Fix your eyes on Me. Stand strong on My Word. My promises for you – find them to be true. Fix your eyes on Me.”


JULIE: “A refrain for my song Think of Me, which shares God’s promises with our U.S. military and veterans.”

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