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Chad Elliott releases book of poetry under Yellow Suit Publishing imprint


Ankeny (March 19, 2018) — Yellow Suit Publishing adds award-winning songwriter C. A. (Chad Allen) Elliott to imprint with Rumble & Flash, a book of poetry stemming from Elliott’s time on the road while traveling as a performing musician. C. A. Elliott’s book of poetry, “Rumble & Flash,” will release nationwide under the Yellow Suit Publishing imprint on Tuesday, April 3, 2018. Readers will find accessible imagery within Elliott’s poems, and an unyielding, rugged honesty as he explores the raw emotions of past scars and open wounds. Filled with nature and spiritual references, each section includes an illustration, produced by Elliott, which highlights the associated theme subtly woven into the collection of poems that follows. Interested readers may purchase a print or digital copy via online, local and independent booksellers. “Steeped in many of the arts throughout my life, I wrote my first poem at 10 years old. It developed into a spiritual, nature poem and I first read it aloud at a summer camp talent show. While other kids danced, or performed karate demonstrations, I discovered a connection with writing,” Elliott said. “I find inspiration in nature or when I travel. The movement, whether slow or fast, through wild places where I wander often inspires me. Later, as I sit in a quiet, still place, inspiration transforms into poetry. I feel like poetry and songwriting share a connection, but not every word needs a tune. Sometimes, words stand alone in their own cadence.” 

Chad Michael Cox, President and CEO of Yellow Suit Publishing, expressed enthusiasm while discussing Elliott’s addition to the imprint, “I believe great people produce relevant and meaningful literary works of art which inspire the greater community, and Chad Elliott perfectly represents the type of artist-author Yellow Suit Publishing seeks to publish. His dedication to craft whether in his work as a songwriter, musician, painter, and now poet qualifies as nothing short of remarkable; and the collection of poems gathered in Rumble & Flash exudes his amazing passion for life.”

Elliott added, “I am grateful to finally share ‘Rumble & Flash’ with the world. This book quietly formed over several years. To see it take shape and come to light feels really wonderful.” 

 About Chad Allen Elliott

Chad Allen Elliott’s path to poetry began with a love of music. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Graceland University, and has performed original songs across the U.S. for more than 20 years, winning several awards for composition including the Woody Guthrie Songwriting Award in 2009. Since that time, Elliott has penned nearly 2,000 songs, released 21 albums, and plans to release his 22nd, “Rest Heavy,” in 2018. Other published works by C. A. Elliott include a children’s book filled with imaginative lyrics entitled “Wilderman’s Treetop Tales.”

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About Yellow Suit Publishing

Yellow Suit Publishing is a small, independent publisher established in 2014. We seek to publish artistic expressions using the book as medium. Our authors share a common desire to expand beyond the finished book into their respective communities through acts requiring artistic engagement. These acts, we believe, inspire the global community to create beautiful works of art; and new artists emerge. Some of these artists will need a small, independent publisher. And while anyone can get a book published, these days, not everyone knows how to dress for the occasion. Yellow Suit Publishing, on the other hand, arrives in fine fashion, wearing a suit and bow tie every time.


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