Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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City of Waukee Passes Proclamation Marking 50th Anniversary of Home Rule in Iowa


Waukee, Iowa — The City of Waukee joined cities from across the state of Iowa to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Home Rule Amendment to Iowa’s State Constitution by passing a proclamation stating, “Home Rule is essential to effective and responsive municipal governance in all cities in Iowa,” and that local control “continues to be vital to the health and prosperity of all cities in Iowa.” Waukee Mayor Bill Peard read the proclamation at the Feb. 20 Waukee City Council meeting; it was unanimously passed.

In 1968, the Home Rule Amendment was passed by the citizens of Iowa and constitutionalized local control in the state. This transitioned Iowa from a Dillon’s Rule state, where local government powers are derived exclusively from the state legislature, to a Home Rule state where local government powers are derived from the State Constitution.

“Local Control is what gives citizens a voice in their local communities. Home Rule, or local control, truly empowers residents and leaders at the city level to make the decisions that best fit their community,” explains Alan Kemp, executive director of the Iowa League of Cities.

The Iowa League of Cities will also mark the 50th Anniversary of this historic constitutional amendment at events throughout 2018.

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