Thursday, May 13, 2021

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Pleasant Hill Sees Massive Growth in September


PLEASANT HILL, Iowa  The city of Pleasant Hill continues to experience significant growth after an influx in building permits during the month of September. In 2016, the City recorded the largest construction year in a decade with $33.4 million in new permits. In one month, the city of Pleasant Hill has over one third of last year’s entire total with $12.1 million in valuation.

“As we continue to see expansive construction in the City of Pleasant Hill, we recognize it stems from our City’s great location and ample land primed for quality development,” said Madeline Sturms, Community Development Director. “We have the perfect environment for intentional growth.”

Residential property accounted for the majority of the new permits’ valuation, largely due to the approval of the Prairie Creek development adding 90 condominiums just east of Highway 65. There were 99 new permits in September totaling a valuation of $12,036,000. Two commercial and industrial projects were also approved.

As of today, residential building permits and valuation exceed last year’s record. This is an impressive year and City officials look forward to seeing the investments made as Pleasant Hill continues to be a community of choice in the Des Moines Metro.

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  1. Jon says:

    $12,036,000 divided by 99 permits = a valuation of $121,576.00 per permit. If this is what Sturms considers quality development, she should go back to planning school. Slab on grade duplex structures dropped in the back yards of $400,000 homes? Intentional growth? or pathetic attempt to skew numbers to give the appearance of growth. For the past 10 years, Pleasant Hill has not been a community of choice in the metro, and this latest attempt to create the façade of such, is a major fail.

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