Monday, May 17, 2021

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Ballet Des Moines announces appointment of two artists to kick off year two of their Artist-in-Residence program


WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – Ballet Des Moines, Des Moines’ only professional dance company, is pleased to launch the second year of its artist-in-residence program by choosing two artists to take the position.

Sarah Jae, a visual artist, dancer and choreographer from Des Moines, seeks to engage the community in her effort, creating bite-sized moments of contemporary choreographed dance, proving both the personal expression and accessibility the art of ballet can provide. 

Jack Meggers, a filmmaker from Des Moines and recently announced 2017 Iowa Arts Council Fellow, will utilize his medium to capture the grace and complexity embodied by the professional dancers within the company, telling a story that transitions “from documentation to avant-garde exhibition.” 

“We didn’t set out with the intention of choosing two artists,” said Laurel Knox, executive director of Ballet Des Moines. “We were so incredibly moved with the talent, innovation and passion proposed by all of the fall artist-in-residence applicants. However, seeing two artists approach cinematographic projects at such differing angles while embodying our values of magic, professionalism, talent and community engagement, left us in awe. We felt that by asking them both to work alongside us, we would be able to support our local artists and not sacrifice any of the values Ballet Des Moines believes in. We are really intrigued and excited to see what each are inspired to create.”

The artists will work with Ballet Des Moines through the fall performance of “Triple Bill: Redefined,” October 20-22 at Hoyt Sherman Place. A one-night exhibition will be slated for the week prior to the performance to showcase the artists-in-residence completed projects.

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The artist-in-residence program was the first of its kind for Ballet Des Moines in 2016. Three artists completed the program throughout the 2016-2017 season.

About the Artist-in-Residence Program.

The artist-in-residence program at Ballet Des Moines exists because of the belief that inspiration comes from both within the studio walls of BDM and outside of them. This innovative, six-week, paid program provides an opportunity for local artists to be inspired, explore and create projects which we believe, will create inspiration to the artist, our ballet and our city.

About Ballet Des Moines

Ballet Des Moines is a private non-profit organization based in West Des Moines, Iowa. Under the Artistic Direction of Serkan Usta, Ballet Des Moines launched its first professional ballet company in 2012, offering additional training opportunities for young dancers and an expanded performance season. Ballet Des Moines exists to enrich lives in the greater Des Moines area by delivering excellence in the performing arts and providing the highest level of dance education in the region. Visit, Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram at @balletdesmoines and Twitter at @BalletDM to learn more.

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