Monday, May 17, 2021

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Des Moines Art Center receives grant award from DuPont Pioneer


DES MOINES, IOWA (March 2017) – The Des Moines Art Center is pleased to announce that DuPont Pioneer has donated $20,000 toward the Art Center’s 2017 Educational Programs and Outreach for
At-Risk Youth as part of the DuPont Pioneer sponsorship program. According to Director Jeff Fleming, “The Art Center is thrilled to partner again with DuPont Pioneer in 2017 in our ongoing efforts to provide quality educational opportunities to the community as well as for at-risk youth. Our programs continue to grow, in part, because of support such as this.”

Pioneer makes contributions to community-based organizations on behalf of the business and employees. Consideration for outreach grants is given to communities where Pioneer sales representatives, DuPont Pioneer employees and customers live and work, and that support quality-of-life initiatives to create an improved, sustainable lifestyle for people worldwide.


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