Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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All six Iowa electors cast ballots for Trump, Pence


Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate accepted and officially certified the ballots cast by the State of Iowa’s presidential electors Monday. All of the electors cast their ballots for Donald Trump for president and Mike Pence for vice-president during a ceremony at the State Capitol. Their votes ensure that all six of Iowa’s electoral votes will go to the Trump-Pence ticket.

More than 1.58 million Iowa voters cast their ballot in the November 2016 general election. They selected Trump-Pence over Clinton-Kaine, 50.6 percent to  41.3 percent.

“I want to thank the electors for their service. There was a lot of pressure put on the electors, with emails, mailings and phone calls, trying to convince them to vote other than the way the people of Iowa decided,” Secretary Pate said. “I appreciate them stepping up to participate in this process and for fulfilling their civic duty.”

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