Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Human Resources

What are your tips for success as a first-time manager?


If you are in a management role early in your career, you likely have been chosen for your performance and work ethic. But many professionals often find the road from employee to manager bumpier than expected. Here are our tips for success for managers stepping into the management role for the first time.

1) Stop Thinking About Yourself

One of the most common challenges is the shift from working only as an individual to now being tied to the success of the entire team. You’ll need to inspire and motivate your team to perform.

2) Get Schooled

You don’t have to do it all alone. Look to your network to find a mentor. It’s also a great idea to read relevant books or take a course to support your leadership training.


3) Study Your Team

Take the time to learn about the people you will be managing and understand their role in the company; get to know their skillsets and review their goals. Observe how they communicate with each other. ♦

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