Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Human Resources

What does it mean to have servant-hearted leadership?


Melissa Ness
Director, PEO Central Region

To create a spectacular culture, leadership is everything. Everybody’s heard the old adage, “People don’t leave their companies; they leave their manager.” What works for me – and what I think delivers results for employees, for clients and ultimately shareholders – is servant-hearted leadership. These leaders understand their role as advocating for their team, removing barriers and empowering employees to perform their best. A manager needs to understand an employee’s desire to grow as a person – to grow in knowledge, skills and experiences, to grow in connections with their coworkers and clients.

One of my top goals is to align one’s passions and skills with a role that maximizes their abilities. Why is this the right model of leadership? Because people want to feel at their best. And when people feel at their best, they feel
passionate and motivated about what they’re doing. When we are passionate and motivated, we serve our clients well, and this ultimately helps our company thrive.


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