Saturday, November 27, 2021

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Human Resources

Are your workplace benefits attracting younger workers?


Sally Andersen
Business Development Manager

Attracting millennial workers is all the rage in the employment space. Generational shifts and rock-bottom unemployment leave small- and medium-sized businesses in difficult straits to find and keep good employees. Many employers feel simply priced out of the market for talent – unable to offer grandiose salaries or traditional employee benefits. But there’s good news: younger workers – millennials and their even younger Gen Z coworkers – don’t feel loyalty to a company because of salary or traditional benefits like medical. Instead, companies can keep their younger workers on the job by offering different benefits, such as:

– Programs like time off to volunteer;
– Training, mentorship or career coaching
– Free tickets to charitable, networking or social events.

Quite seriously, in some surveys of younger workers, snacks in the breakroom polls as the most valued benefit. If you’re struggling to find or keep younger workers as employees, adding a few perks like these may be the secret sauce for success.

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