Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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A northern Iowa county has doubled the bounty on beavers from $25 to $50 each…

When asked what will happen if the beaver population isn’t controlled, officials said, “We’ll be dammed.”

Gov. Terry Branstad took some heat after making a joke about pushing lawyers through the head of a combine…

The Governor’s joke depicting a farm accident may have been in poor taste, but I hear it’s the favorite to win this year’s Terrace Hill Halloween costume contest.

Speaking of combines and lawyers, an Iowa farmer said he’s missing 1,600 bushels of soybeans after an alleged thief harvested 18 acres of his land…

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

An unfamiliar red tractor was seen in the area, and detectives are following this CASE very closely.

And, President Obama had his credit card declined when trying to pay for a fancy dinner with the First Lady recently…

The incident didn’t seem to faze Obama who immediately called on Congress to raise his debt limit.

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