Thursday, January 27, 2022

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The Iowa Department of Transportation announced they will hire 600 snow plow operators for the upcoming winter…

Interested applicants must possess a commercial driver’s license and demonstrate an ability to bury a residential driveway with snow just after it’s been shoveled.

Customers of four Jimmy John’s sandwich shops in Iowa may have had their credit card information stolen during a company-wide data breach…

Fortunately, the average Jimmy John’s customer is 25 years old and his or her credit cards are already maxed out.

Leading electric car maker Tesla is no longer allowed to sell cars or offer test drives in Iowa because they are not a licensed auto dealer…


To become a licensed dealer, Tesla must either complete an online application or air an ad on the radio in which someone shouts “NO CREDIT, NO PROBLEM!”

And, in an effort to save some area ash trees from the Emerald Ash Borer, West Des Moines will inoculate local specimens with a shot…

City officials said injecting an ash tree is a three-person job: Two employees distract the tree while a third sticks it in the ash-hole. CV

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