Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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PERView provides X-ray photography


Just when it seems all smartphones are starting to feel the same, one developer has completely thrown the market for a loop. Two words: X-ray photography.

Through a light-capturing advancement known as hyper light-refraction, the application “PERView” is able to amplify the ultra-violet light that bounces off cloth fibers, rendering them invisible to certain smartphone cameras. While this technology isn’t truly “X-ray vision” and doesn’t provide skeletal imagery, it does allow the user to see through the cloth materials of its photographed subjects.

PERView’s developer, Timothy Saddman, unveiled the application last week explaining that his initial idea was to create a tool to help security agents check for weapons. It wasn’t until Saddman tested his innovation at a shopping mall that he discovered his “jaw-dropping” achievement.

Privacy rights groups are labeling the application as “depravity of the crudest order” and “invasive to the point of inducing nausea.” While Saddman has yet to publicly address these opinions, his company website has released this statement: “We live in an age where privacy is a privilege not a right. PERView merely helps tech savvy consumers acquire all the information available.”

During the unveiling, Saddman explained he actually perfected the hyper light-refraction process three years ago but could not release it until smartphone batteries and cameras advanced to a serviceable level. To function properly PERView requires cameras to have a minimum of 14 megapixels and considerably fast shutter speed. Currently only Samsung’s yet-to-be-released “Galaxy S4” is equipped with a 14 megapixel camera, and even then, the hyper light-refraction is so taxing on current smartphone processors, PERView will completely drain a fully charged battery within 30 minutes. So those desperate enough to use the application not only have to switch to the S4, but they will be sacrificing battery life as well.

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Finally, as if taken directly out of a Superman comic book, Saddman says the only material PERView cannot see through is metal. Meaning, if you’re hoping to keep your privates just that, it’s time to invest in lead underwear. APRIL FOOLS

Patrick Boberg is a central Iowa creative media specialist. For more tech insights, follow him on Twitter @ResponsiblyWild.

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