Friday, July 1, 2016

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Catastrophe for the Supreme Court

  Over the long history of the Supreme Court, senators from both political parties have often challenged the nominees from the opposing parties. They have filibustered them, mounted massive efforts to oppose them and have refused to confirm some. All those actions are well within the accepted parameters of the

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Posted April 06, 2016in Your View

Will Bill’s sex scandals hurt Hillary Clinton?

The answer is no. Why? People don’t care if public figures are exposed for doing what the electorate is doing without the accompanying publicity. Right-wing fundamentalists are willing to publicize such things. They ignore it when their own kind gets involved in similar activities. I love the quote from four-time

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Change of mind   After all the letters to editor that have run in Cityview responding to my many letters to the editor over the years, I have had a change of thought. I have come to realize that I was wrong about Terry Branstad, Chuck Grassley, and maybe most

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Playing the “What if…” game

Civic Skinny painted a powerful “What if” column about Neal and Bea Smith. After being denied equal pay for equal jobs early in their careers, the road they chose eventually took them to Washington, D.C. Civic Skinny wrote, “If it (a Des Moines insurance company) had offered Bea Smith the

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Republicans refuse to create jobs

It’s time for a pro-job agenda. In 2011 Rep. Paul Ryan presented a six-page plan to create jobs in which only generalities were presented, while President Obama had presented to the Congress a detailed plan to create jobs. House Republicans have repeatedly refused to create jobs by increasing funding for

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Shoe pinches on the other foot

Marco Rubio reportedly said that conservatives cannot be hijacked by someone who is not a conservative. That’s really rather rich for a Republican to say considering that the best recent hope for a viable third party, United We Stand America, was torn apart by a disgruntled Republican losing candidate, Pat

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Grassley obstructs

Every citizen in the country is fed up with the gridlock in Washington, D.C. That idea is supported by the success of the non-traditional candidates this year. Sen. Charles Grassley has had many opportunities to make a difference. Now comes one of the most important processes before our country, to

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Grassley betrays his loyalty to the Constitution

Sen. Charles Grassley now claims that President Obama shouldn’t have a hearing on his Supreme Court nominee in the final year of his presidency. Eight years ago, Grassley expressed a totally opposite opinion in regard to confirmations during the final year of a president’s term. Here’s Grassley’s statement in 2008,

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Business as usual

The Iowa Democratic Caucus ended with a razor-thin margin between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Bernie wins in New Hampshire in a landslide over Hillary. Yet, as of Feb. 11 before the South Carolina primary, Clinton has 394 delegates and super delegates to Sanders’ 42. WHAT??? That’s right, according to

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Caucus confusion

Countless volunteer hours were spent locating caucus sites and calling registered voters to find volunteers to work at the Feb. 1 caucus. If you were one of those who worked to make the caucuses successful, thank you very much. The unexpected large turnout of those who were not registered Democrats

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