Friday, April 29, 2016

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Caucus confusion

Countless volunteer hours were spent locating caucus sites and calling registered voters to find volunteers to work at the Feb. 1 caucus. If you were one of those who worked to make the caucuses successful, thank you very much. The unexpected large turnout of those who were not registered Democrats

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Poetry or prose?

Hillary Clinton repeated a quote in the Saturday night forum at Drake that best describes the choice Iowa voters made. The quote was, “You campaign in poetry and govern in prose.” Bernie Sanders has become the candidate speaking in a poetry that inspires people to believe the impossible is achievable.

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Is Burns for Cruz or against him?

Alas, I’ve recycled my old copies of Cityview. Otherwise I could look up a previous Political Mercury wherein I believe Douglas Burns backed Sen. Ted Cruz, based on Rep. Steve King’s assurances that Cruz was for leveling the playing field for ethanol and oil by reducing or eliminating subsidies to

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Republican candidates are fortune tellers

The Republican presidential candidates have a very important qualification that the news media has failed to report correctly. Many of those candidates have demonstrated the remarkable ability to predict the future. The most recent example was evident in regard to President Obama’s executive orders on guns. Several Republican candidates exhibited

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Votes shouldn’t have been a surprise

Civic Skinny seemed surprised by the “no” votes by Congressmen David Young and Steve King as well as Senators Charles Grassley and Joni Ernst to the $1.1 trillion in government funding for the current fiscal year. He mentioned being “particularly “ surprised by the “no” vote by first-term Young even though

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Answers to the questions

I read the article of the cover-up in Johnston schools (Letters, Dec. 24). The reason the special needs kid was on a regular bus is because most school districts do not have a bus just for special needs kids, just like most school districts do not have special needs classes. Any

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Don’t be fools

The Republicans, led by President Bush, whipped Americans into a frenzy of fear following 9/11, leading to a disastrous ground war in Iraq. Many Americans were fooled into war by the use of the manufactured evidence of weapons of mass destruction. Bush’s Iraq War opened a cancerous wound that has

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Cover-up in Johnston schools?

On Oct. 29, a 15-year-old special needs student (occasional seizures) in the Johnston School District, Christian Suarez, boarded a bus intended for regular students. He assaulted the bus driver both verbally and physically. The school administration has never explained why this student was not on a bus intended for special

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Posted December 09, 2015in Your View

Extended family

Cityview’s cover story, “Immigrant Trump,” states…” That’s right. Trump is the grandson of Friedrich Drumpf, a German immigrant. So are more than one-third of all Iowans.” Am I to understand that with an estimated 2014 State of Iowa population of 3,100,000, that one-third of them (1,033,333) are cousins by virtue

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Posted December 02, 2015in Your View

Civic responsibility

Lax campaign finance laws have prevented many from campaigning for public office. Without large sums of money from PACs or personal finances, many possible quality candidates are overlooked. We need more candidates to run for public office with the purpose of serving the public good instead of financial personal gain

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