Saturday, August 1, 2015

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Obama’s economic rescue vs. the Bush catastrophe

The latest April job numbers came in last week and added a respectable 223,000 new jobs driving the unemployment rate, which is down to 5.4 percent, the lowest since March 2008. That current rate is down by half from the peak of 9.9 percent. Under the leadership of President Obama,

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Hensley’s tax revenue comment a gas

Some might wonder whether Des Moines City Councilwoman Christine Hensley might have taken Cityview’s April Fools edition of the Locker Room article by “Dive Riley” a bit too serious. Readers may recall the tongue in cheek article reported a golf tournament in Woodland cemetery to help fund council member pay

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Sick of Jenner

For all the hype about gay marriage and things like Indiana’s religious freedom law, I find it quite odd that America is so infatuated about Bruce Jenner’s sex change.  Is anyone else tired of seeing his ever-morphing ugly mug on the cover of every magazine while standing in line at

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Iowa’s water problems need solved

Twelve years ago, we set out with our young children to spend a weekend at Clear Lake, anticipating camping, swimming, canoeing and building sand castles. When we arrived, the lake was closed due to high bacterial rates that could cause illness should the water be ingested. Our young kids were

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Braley’s bailing isn’t the first

Mr. Gartner’s mention of Bruce Braley bailing out of Iowa after an election loss (Comment, April 16) reminded me of other past politicians who professed an “all for Iowa” loyalty and then walked. Probably none were more blatant than ex-congressman and gubernatorial candidate Fred Grandy. While he professed to be all Iowan, he

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Grassley a scary gatekeeper

The U. S. Supreme Court left intact a ruling by the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that ruled against a lawsuit initiated by the conservative Goldwater Institute legal group against the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). The board’s role is to trim Medicare costs to preserve its

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Let’s have a rational debate, can we?

Rick Smith, in his letter on March 19, is too dismissive of those who do not agree with the majority of climate scientists. I happen to agree that human activities have increased the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, and that those increases in CO2 likely do have some

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More coverage, please

I’m writing to let you know that I am disappointed in the lack of coverage of the cock-fighting they have every month in the basement of the governor’s mansion. When I say “they” I don’t mean to be a snake about it, but I have to be. They don’t want

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Posted March 25, 2015in Your View

Republican hypocrisy

I remember the debate about where President Obama was born. The Tea Party was taking advantage of the ignorance of the general population about citizenship. Their premise that he could not be president because he was born in Kenya was bogus. If one parent is born in the United States

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Posted March 18, 2015in Your View

Where’s the charm?

Kent Carlson’s thoughts on “charming” (Guest View, March 12) have left me wondering whether he may be just a wee bit confused about what the word actually means. On the one hand, he states that “charm goes a long way in winning over people,” which is absolutely spot-on since the

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