Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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Smith on Smith

Is anyone else as exasperated as I am with Rick Smith? I highly doubt it in this alternative universe we are currently living in. His take on Iraq is the usual, predictable, liberal diatribe: Bush lied us into Iraq under the wrong pretense and people died. It surely can be

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Promises, promises

Civic Skinny keeps readers updated on the “progress” of Gov. Terry Branstad’s promise to create an environment in Iowa that will spawn 200,000 new jobs by 2016. Currently he is almost halfway there with a mere six months remaining. Now, I must admit that, in most cases, if any politician

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Dem disappointed in Jindal

OK. So what is a liberal Democrat doing at the rally for Bobby Jindal in Waukee on June 30? I want to see all of the 15-plus candidates in the flesh and evaluate them myself. Also, I’m retired and I can! Bobby Jindal is a first-generation American from the Punjab

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Trump distinguishes himself

We live in a time of stunning transformations. In recent weeks, we’ve seen Bruce Jenner transition from a male Olympic medalist to Caitlyn Jenner, a self-assured woman gracing the cover of Vanity Fair. Then there’s Rachel Dolezal, the ex-president of the Spokane, Washington, chapter of the NAACP. She lived as

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Three rights do make a left

Michael Gartner’s reprinted 2006 tribute to his father (Civic Skinny, June 18) remains timeless and interesting. It got me thinking. While all of us are great-grandsons to someone the second we are born, it takes future generations to give us the opportunity to become fathers, grand and great. Mike Rowley -Clive

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Almost afraid

Intrigued by the mention of the 1,382,855 ranked book by Michael Gartner, “Outrage, Passion and Uncommon Sense,” in last week’s Civic Skinny column, I quickly Google searched the subject. I found a 14-minute CSPAN2 video with the author. It was fascinating. I immediately ordered the book. Now I am half

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What’s the difference?

After reading Civic Skinny last week (June 4, 2015), let me see if I understand this correctly. The husband (James Conlin) of a past Democrat nominee for governor (Roxanne Conlin) is suing the city of Des Moines (whose city council has been controlled by Democrats for more than five decades).

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Numbers don’t lie

Ninety years ago, Prohibition was a prevailing illusion. Today’s illusions are different. Law enforcement has broken down, especially at the top. Once again, so many in politics and the media cannot face the new age. Demographers estimate the total world population at about 200 million during the time of Jesus.

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More sauce, please

Civic Skinny (May 21) brought me down with the accurate but depressing news of lawsuits involving apes, city trees, lawyers, the IRS and Central College. Then Cityview informs us that The Des Moines Register reporter’s reported taste test at Jethro’s never took place (Comment, A Reporter Lies, May 21). Could Cityview at least tell readers

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Obama’s economic rescue vs. the Bush catastrophe

The latest April job numbers came in last week and added a respectable 223,000 new jobs driving the unemployment rate, which is down to 5.4 percent, the lowest since March 2008. That current rate is down by half from the peak of 9.9 percent. Under the leadership of President Obama,

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