Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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The first shall be last, and the last shall be first

State Senator and 3rd District Congressional candidate Brad Zaun has made it known that he may leave the GOP and run for Congress as an independent. He was first in the polls and in the primary voting but ended up last at the state GOP convention run-off. David Young, who

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Not about gender

“I need a woman” and “Modern day David?” (Your View, June 4) are two reasons why more people need to know there is a third choice for governor in 2014: Lee Hieb. Dr. Hieb was selected to be the candidate of the Libertarian Party because of her experience and ideas

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They do have Democratic opponents

I am a huge Cityview fan (going all the way back to the days when it was the Skywalker!) and I especially look forward each week to reading Civic Skinny. Just wanted to clarify that both Bill Northey (Secretary of Agriculture) and Mary Mosiman (State Auditor) DO indeed have Democratic

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Duffy hates women?

Why does Brian Duffy hate women (Duffy’s View, May 29)? Joni Ernst is an honorable woman. Is this why Iowa has not had a female congressional member yet because of your anti-female sentiments at The Des Moines Register? Feel free to air my comments in your bias newspaper. Tim Hymel

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It’s a beautiful day in Joe’s Neighborhood

Thanks to Joe Weeg for his column on the American Cemetery in the Netherlands and the care given by the Dutch people to the soldiers buried there. I think it is important for us to understand the appreciation the Dutch still have for the American soldier’s role in WWII. I

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How would gun-toting commercial play out with an African-American male?

Iowa and Iowans seem to have long been at the forefront of legislation to ensure equality. A quick Internet search provides numerous examples both past and present: 1839 – Territorial Supreme Court: Man could not be sent back into slavery; 1851 – Iowa General Assembly: removed ban on inter-racial marriage;

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Too heavy of a burden

Duffy’sView (May 8) provides a vivid snapshot of the Bible-toting religious right-wing of the Iowa GOP about to be dropped overboard. It refers to the First District Republicans’ recent decision to dump their platform commitment to traditional marriage, which is an acknowledgment that they have accepted defeat in the debate

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Our money is no object?

Civic Skinny calls the $525,591 paid to date in legal fees to the trial lawyers defending Gov. Branstad “nuts,” (Gartner Comment, May 1). These outrageous fees have been charged by private trial lawyers hired by Branstad to defend him against a $1 million lawsuit brought by Workers Compensation Director, Chris

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What’s with all the classifications of people?

I liked Civic Skinny’s illustration: “One way to look at it: Branstad is trying to get rid of a workers comp commissioner who was twice overwhelmingly approved by the Senate in bipartisan votes — while hiring a would-be commissioner who was rejected by the Senate.” (April 24.) I liked it right up

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All I want to know is…

When does Terry Branstad go on television and talk about his dog “Checkers” and the Republican cloth coat?  Bob Runge –Des Moines                   Gov’s hear no evil/see no evil response fails Branstad has stained the reputation of Iowa good government with the secret hush money payments scandal. He has failed

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