Friday, July 25, 2014

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What’s with all the classifications of people?

I liked Civic Skinny’s illustration: “One way to look at it: Branstad is trying to get rid of a workers comp commissioner who was twice overwhelmingly approved by the Senate in bipartisan votes — while hiring a would-be commissioner who was rejected by the Senate.” (April 24.) I liked it right up

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All I want to know is…

When does Terry Branstad go on television and talk about his dog “Checkers” and the Republican cloth coat?  Bob Runge –Des Moines                   Gov’s hear no evil/see no evil response fails Branstad has stained the reputation of Iowa good government with the secret hush money payments scandal. He has failed

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Puppy mills — sad and hopeless?

Thank you for writing the excellent story on Iowa’s puppy mills (“Puppy Wars,” April 10). I am a follower of Iowa Voters for Companion Animals and Iowa Friends for Companion Animals. We appreciate the support of the press in bringing this story to the forefront.  Karen Fieg –Grimes   Unfortunately,

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Braley needs to remember his roots

Bruce Braley’s message to a roomful of Texas trial lawyers is still reverberating. But somehow the issue that should have turned heads didn’t. What should have had Iowans across all party lines feeling disgusted is that Braley told a group of non-Iowans that if they gave him campaign money, he

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Duped again, nice job on April Foolery

Awesome! As soon as I got too FEARA (Federal Environmental Anomalies Reserve Agency) I knew something was up (“Snake Bite,” March 27), and the names were very clever! Well done. This (issue) was sent to me by a freaked out friend who knows I ride that trail. Great job! Allen

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Pucker up, Vander Prude

Last week’s issue was completely and utterly, positively and without a doubt a pointless waste of ink and paper (“God and Gays,” March 20). On the cover, the subhead reads: “Why Bob Vander Plaats and his merry men may soon be irrelevant.” It begs the obvious question: When were they

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Go giant, Iowa

Jackson Pollock Mural worth $150 million (Civic Skinny, March 13)? Sell it. Build the $75 million Iowa City art museum.  Then — like those art projects all over Iowa such as the giant Herkys in Iowa City, the giant ice crème cones in LeMars and the giant rabbit heads (?) in Council Bluffs

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Nugent is the dirty ‘N’-word these days

The Duffy cartoon appearing in the Cityview (Feb. 27) features a wild-eyed Ted Nugent surrounded by several of his most outrageous and disgusting statements from the past. In one of the most recent insults he calls President Obama a “communist,” “gangster” and a “subhuman mongrel.” There are two totally unacceptable

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What’s an ISU poly-sci professor know, anyway?

“Good Governors will make the best presidents.” The headline from Cityview last week (Feb. 20) seems to intentionally bait readers for a response with its presumptive prediction stated as fact. This kind of editorial vision into the future makes Mr. Magoo seem like a guy with 20/20 vision. Granted, there have been

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Uh, lady, remember how Hillary lost last go ’round?

This evening I was sitting in my favorite watering hole sipping a pint, when a man and his VERY chatty female date sat down next to me and began a non-stop discussion over a Cityview cartoon by the ever-talented Brian Duffy. It depicted the forthcoming coronation of Hillary R. Clinton

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