Thursday, December 3, 2020

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Posted February 06, 2019in Tech Talk

Lessons in utility from Discord

The hardest nut to crack when developing anything in tech. About a dozen years ago, Jim Carrey released a brand new website. In mid-2000s, Carrey was still one of the biggest stars in the world with Golden Globe wins, the largest paychecks in filmmaking history, and a cultural relevance only

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Posted January 02, 2019in Tech Talk

Flying below the radar on Reddit

“The front page of the Internet” has everything in place to be the next YouTube. The Internet can be a fickle place when it comes to success. For years, a business can be gaining steam and acquiring users or customers and then suddenly, BANG! You’re MySpace. With many of these

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Posted December 05, 2018in Tech Talk

Cold technology gifts

Smart speakers are a cold — not cool — gift Christmas gifts can be tricky. For the most creative, romantic or codependent amongst us, the “thoughtful” gift is probably the gold standard — a trinket that symbolizes or commemorates an important event or experience that you share with someone. Second best is the expensive gift,

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Posted October 31, 2018in Tech Talk

WiFi 6 kills the confusion

And you won’t even need a manual. Manuals are the bane of nearly every man’s existence. It doesn’t matter if you’ve purchased a “some assembly required” set of shelves, a brand new computer, or a car; reading a manual is one of the dullest tasks in the world. Plus, manufacturers

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Posted October 03, 2018in Tech Talk

Cancel the unwanted noise in your life

Sony’s WH-1000XM2 is the king of the consumer-level headset market. Everyone has that frustrating experience of sitting close to someone with awful headphones — not headphones that are unstylish but a set of stone-age ear-covering headphones that seem to send audio in all directions. This encounter seems to happen during

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Posted September 05, 2018in Tech Talk

Motorized scooters are a thing

Just not yet in Iowa In the season two “South Park” episode “Prehistoric Ice Man,” a guy named Larry is found frozen in ice and thawed, wherein they find he was frozen for three years. The locals react as if this ice man is truly prehistoric due to his dress

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Posted August 01, 2018in Tech Talk

This vacation better be worth the headache

There is no silver bullet in the digital age for booking travel accommodations. Leave your cares, deadlines, awkward relationships and everything else at home and travel to an exciting or relaxing place. As perfect as getting away from it all can sound, the gatekeeper to these experiences can be unbelievably frustrating. No, this gauntlet of

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Posted July 04, 2018in Tech Talk

The platinum age of photography

Your pocket “super camera” is now a gateway tool to master photography. The mechanically captured still image has been around for more than 150 years. In the mid-1840s, the Daguerreotype process was invented whereby a specially conditioned, silver-plated copper would lock in an image when exposed to light and shadow.

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Posted June 06, 2018in Tech Talk

‘Fortnite’ is winning the entertainment battle

A cartoonishly violent, freemium videogame Most every tech-enabled marketplace celebrates a new industry darling each year. Whether it’s movies, social media, podcasting, transportation, applications, music or any other silo of technologically enhanced goods creation, some unforeseen innovation captures the industry eyes. But every once in a while, something rises above

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Posted May 02, 2018in Tech Talk

Facebook knows virtually everything about you

And, passively, it’s all your fault. Ninety-five percent of the world has no idea how the Internet works. Security breaches, data leaks, identity theft — these are life-altering events that the Internet has inflicted on millions of people (probably billions at this point). So why did every media outlet cover

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