Friday, February 26, 2021

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Posted February 22, 2021in Stray Thoughts

These changes won’t improve election security

Iowa’s 2020 election was one for the record books — with 1.7 million people marking ballots. It was an impressive turnout in Iowa — with 76 percent of Iowa’s eligible [...]

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Posted February 15, 2021in Stray Thoughts

It’s not surprising if Iowans have whiplash

Gov. Kim Reynolds’ message for Iowans has been consistent since the coronavirus pandemic arrived a year ago: Yes, wearing masks is important, the governor has made clear, but government should [...]

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Posted February 09, 2021in Stray Thoughts

There are more questions than answers in Iowa

Through the years, the Iowa Legislature has chosen an official a state flower and a state bird. There’s also a state tree and even an official rock. It may be [...]

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Posted January 26, 2021in Stray Thoughts

Repeat after me: Let the public know

The purpose was pretty simple when the Iowa Legislature wrote the state’s public meetings law many years ago:  Government boards are required to announce their meetings at least one day [...]

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Posted January 18, 2021in Stray Thoughts

Needless confusion about First Amendment

Forty-five words that were first written with a quill pen 230 years ago form what may be the most consequential sentence in United States history. But that sentence also is [...]

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Posted December 22, 2020in Stray Thoughts

Making a better world, one person at a time

This season reminds us of all that is possible, of the importance of concern and compassion for others. But even a message so sound, so succinct and so universal can [...]

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Posted December 17, 2020in Stray Thoughts

‘Unemployment’ is not the same for everyone

The boss told Gus Malzahn on Sunday that he was no longer needed. His employment was ending immediately. With that blunt conversation, Malzahn became another statistic of 2020. He took [...]

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Posted December 07, 2020in Stray Thoughts

U.S. House is wrong place to decide who won

Tone-deaf. That’s the dismal state of the political discourse in our nation these days. Regrettably, Iowa has an all-too-prominent role in this bumbling lack of awareness of how our democracy [...]

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Posted November 23, 2020in Stray Thoughts

There are many reasons for gratitude

With all of the frustrations, the tragedies and the maddening political chaos that have been with us this year, I have the perfect recipe for our Thanksgiving celebrations. No, it [...]

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Posted November 16, 2020in Stray Thoughts

WW2 lesson is ignored during this pandemic

Forgive me, but I don’t think Americans are as tough as we used to be. Specifically, I don’t think many of us see the big picture the way our parents [...]

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