Friday, March 27, 2015

Annual Manual

Posted March 25, 2015in Sound Circuit

Whole lotta love

It has been a bit of an exciting year for Bonne Finken. The Des Moines music favorite released her latest album “Fairytales/Love Affairs” last year and has seen the album garner radio play on college radio stations around the country. She has gotten play on STAR 102.5, embarked on a

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Posted March 18, 2015in Sound Circuit

Death of a band

After this week, Diamonds for Eyes will be no more. Maybe you have heard of the band, maybe you have not. As local acts go, they were fairly prolific, turning out three albums in four years. They built their following the same way as thousands of local bands before them:

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Posted March 11, 2015in Sound Circuit

Getting strong now

Strong Like Bear is an alt/jam/prog/rock four-piece out of Ames. For those familiar with the band, its willingness to experiment and get a little weird with its sound is the act’s biggest hallmark. Frequently seen messing around with surrealist blues outfit Electric Jury, the two bands have joined forces for

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Posted March 04, 2015in Sound Circuit

Other brotherhood

For the past few years, people have known Eli Clark as the frontman of Viva Montesa, the rock two-piece with the three-piece sound. But starting this winter, Clark’s new project, The Other Brothers, is poising itself to be your new favorite band. “I kind of felt like I’d hit, not

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Posted February 25, 2015in Sound Circuit

The man

If you are going to get into Des Moines hip-hop, there are a few names you should definitely know. And no matter who you talk to, that list is always going to start with one name: Gadema. “I’m inspired by pain, by love, by joy — all that stuff,” he

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Posted February 18, 2015in Sound Circuit

Fresh fruit

Easy Fruit, a straight rock four-piece, is one of the newer editions to the capital city’s music landscape. That’s not to say its component members lack experience with playing music in town, however. All four of them — Brad Turk, Thomas Oldham, Cory Wendel and Chris Marshall — have played

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Posted February 11, 2015in Sound Circuit

On Pace

Bob Pace is one of the great blues men in the city. He has been performing around town for years and has a large and devoted following. For the past two years, one of his most popular gigs has been down at Gas Lamp on Friday evenings at the venue’s

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Posted February 04, 2015in Sound Circuit

Not apathetic about the future

Say what you will about Dead Horse Trauma’s music — the band is a divisive one artistically — but there’s no debate about how hard the band works at its stage show and the promotion of the same. Now for a look at what the hardest-working act in Des Moines

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Posted January 28, 2015in Sound Circuit

Keeping Mint fresh

Mint has a problem of identity. It is not that they do not know who they are; they most certainly do. Mint’s identity issue lies more in keeping themselves within the public consciousness. “There’s two modes for bands to be in,” explained drummer Christian Peters. “There’s creating mode, and there’s

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Posted January 21, 2015in Sound Circuit

Ready To Conquer

For Chris Ford, 2015 is shaping up to be a big year. As the front man of Christopher the Conquered, Ford has already proven himself to be the guy who ruins the bell curve on creativity in this city, but he has also never been one to rest on his

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