Sunday, July 5, 2015

Posted July 01, 2015in Sound Circuit

How sweet it is

In case you did not know by now, The Candymakers are legit. Formed in 2010, all the band did in its first year of life was win the 2011 Iowa Blues Challenge. An album followed the next year, but it would be two years more before we would get a

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Posted June 24, 2015in Sound Circuit

Step by step

We spend a lot of time talking about “the next big thing.” But while many people are busy debating what it takes to be successful, the Holy White Hounds have quietly set out to do the damn thing. The most direct path to success is one that involves three steps.

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Posted June 17, 2015in Sound Circuit

Getting dirty

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is a cover band that owes its existence to Jerry Lee Lewis, Pandora and Tinder. “(Drummer Jake Blomberg) and I live together,” guitar/vocalist Josh Adams explained. “One day we were listening to Jerry Lee Lewis on Pandora. I was just on that kick. So we went down

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Posted June 10, 2015in Sound Circuit

Far from apathetic

Apathy Syndrome has been busy of late. After being one of the local bands tabbed to play this year’s Lazerfest at Seven Flags Event Center, the band hit the road for a mini tour and is gearing up for even more road time before hitting the studio later in the

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Posted June 03, 2015in Sound Circuit

Back with some friends

“Stutterin’” Jimmy Enos is back. Physically, he never really went anywhere, but he definitely sported a lower profile for a while. The past year has been a roller coaster for Enos. There is a baby to care for and a wedding in the works. Not every distraction, however, has been

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Posted May 27, 2015in Sound Circuit

Manufacturing success

The last time I spoke to Green Death, almost exactly two years ago, they were a band freshly formed and looking forward to the release of its first EP. The ensuing 25 months have been good ones for the band. Green Death released its EP “The Deathening” in January of

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Posted May 20, 2015in Sound Circuit

Just a number

Grandchamp is proof positive that age is not a deal-breaking requirement for a good band. Each of the Grandchamp’s component members — frontman Charlie Cacciatore, bassist Andrew Jones, guitarist Nate Kouri and vibe-man Jack Reardon — is under 19, but they have already managed to take part in both this

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Posted May 13, 2015in Sound Circuit

Getting it covered

There is a special trick to making a good cover band. There is more to it than just grabbing some sheet music and following along. It is more complicated than musical karaoke. The really good, notable cover acts — we are not talking about tribute acts mind you, as the

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Posted May 06, 2015in Sound Circuit

Good things come…

This has been a long time coming. Dark Mirror has been working on its newest album, “Patterns of Chaos,” for what seems like forever. There have been technical difficulties, illnesses and a revolving door of guitarists. But you can’t keep good men down forever. “We had an issue with the

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Posted April 29, 2015in Sound Circuit

Keep rolling

Sometimes all a band needs is a linchpin. When drummer Pat Curtis joined the Monday Mourners a little over a year ago, he realized that he walked into a band that was sitting on a pile of great songs. “I didn’t really know these songs,” he admitted. “But I felt

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