Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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  The official record release party for Twins’ new album, “Square America,” takes place at Vaudeville Mews on Friday, July 22 at 9:30 p.m. Check this issue for a review, then go buy the album. The Sixth Avenue Corridor is hosting a multi-band, Jazz in July show on Saturday, July

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The Avett Brothers

“True Sadness” American Recordings   “True Sadness” stands poised to be viewed as The Avett Brothers’ most polarizing album to date. Should the group now begin its fall into obscurity, purists will point to this album as the linchpin that started it all. “True Sadness” is, far and away, the

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  The Maximum Ames Music Festival has announced its lineup for the 2016 festival, to be held Sept. 15-18. Headliners include pioneering gay country music artist Lavender Country, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and NWA member DJ Yella. Local acts showcased include Maytags, Electric Jury, The Host

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Iggy Azalea

“Digital Distortion” Def Jam   Iggy Azalea has not collapsed into a black hole of her own suck just yet. After her first release, “The New Classic,” was certified platinum off of what one can only assume were mostly hate-purchases, Azalea embarked upon a 2015 headlining stadium tour, which was

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  The Iowa Blues Challenge held its finals this past weekend at the downtown Mariott Hotel. This year’s winners were Bare Bones and the Jeff Banks Band. Both acts received prize packages that include free studio time and entry into the 2017 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. This week’s

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Posted June 15, 2016in Sound Check

New Member Charles

“Rock and Roll Alligator” Independent   New Member Charles does the quirky, oddball indie thing properly. It is something that many bands in town attempt, but few manage to do while remembering to make the music good. What you will find in “Rock and Roll Alligator” is going to be

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  This is the weekend for Pridefest, and there is plenty of music to be heard in Des Moines’ historic East Village neighborhood. In addition to headliners Tina She, DJ Pain 1 and Be Steadwell, there will also be performances by local acts Cover Grrls, Run DSM, and Des Moines

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The Monkees

  “Good Times!” Rhino Even in the best of times, back in its 1960s heyday, The Monkees were one of the most bubblegum acts ever assembled. The fact that the boys managed to grow into more than competent musicians did little to distract from the fact that the songs were

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Bob Dylan

    “Fallen Angels” Columbia When Bob Dylan released 2015’s “Shadows in the Night,” the idea of an iconoclast like Dylan covering Sinatra seemed ridiculous. But the resulting album proved to be both heartfelt and sincere, and the mixture of Dylan’s nasal delivery and Sinatra’s memory proved strong enough to

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  Beyonce “Lemonade” Parkwood   “You ain’t married to no average bitch, boy.” Those words, taken from one of the more devastating tracks on “Lemonade,” should be enscribed on Jay-Z’s tombstone. This album does not mark the first time that an artist has publicly shamed a spouse, but it might

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