Monday, May 23, 2022

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Posted June 30, 2021in Political Mercury

Reynolds’ ‘both sidesism’ buries Black Hawk’s words with his stolen remains

An obsession with balance can obscure the truth.  In his brilliantly performed new audio book “The Bomber Mafia,” Malcolm Gladwell, using expert reporting, inviting prose and riveting sound effects, including actual [...]

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Posted May 24, 2021in Political Mercury

Muhlbauer running for Grassley’s Senate seat

Manilla Democrat plans to spotlight farming, education, infrastructure and health care. Former Crawford County Supervisor Dave Muhlbauer, a Manilla farmer and cattleman with deep family roots in rural Iowa politics, [...]

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Posted May 05, 2021in Political Mercury

We must see ourselves as part of our nation’s diversity

In an age of scarcity (for many) and excess (for the few), the language and policies of diversity become zero-sum. What another gets, you lose. So goes the polarized thinking that [...]

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Posted March 31, 2021in Political Mercury

Meet the man behind Iowa’s Twitter vaccine finder

The mother of a 7-year-old Iowan said she’s used the recently launched and increasingly popular public-minded Twitter account Iowa Vaccine Alerts as a real-life and contemporary example of what the [...]

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Posted March 03, 2021in Political Mercury

Grassley may seek 70 years of consecutive political office in Iowa

At age 87, U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, first elected to office during the Eisenhower administration, smiled broadly when pressed by audience members about a potential re-election campaign next year in [...]

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Posted February 03, 2021in Political Mercury

Hawaii is Barry Obama’s home state, Illinois is Barack Obama’s home state, but Iowa is President Obama’s home state.

In incoming U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Iowa has not just an experienced hand leading a federal agency vital to the Hawkeye State’s economy, but he is a close [...]

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Posted January 06, 2021in Political Mercury

Feenstra ‘excited’ about Vilsack nomination

Fresh from freshman orientation in Washington, D.C., Congressman-elect Randy Feenstra, R-Hull, says he’s encouraged at prospects for bipartisan work in the capitol on agriculture. Having a fellow Iowan — former [...]

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Posted December 02, 2020in Political Mercury

‘All you see is their eyes’

He knew them by their eyes. That’s about all Wiltsie Cretsinger of Coon Rapids could see of the physicians and nurses who shepherded him through a brutal, 21-day, take-his-breath-away fight [...]

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Posted November 04, 2020in Political Mercury

Top 10 possible 2024 Republican White House candidates in Iowa

Our coverage of the 2024 presidential election started — for me, at least — on Oct. 1, 2020 — well over a month before the Nov. 3 election. U.S. Sen. [...]

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Posted September 30, 2020in Political Mercury

Strengthening Iowa’s place as the first-in-the-nation contest for the presidency

One of the last questions I asked President Barack Obama during an interview in his second term was this: Would he consider locating his presidential library and museum in Iowa? [...]

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