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Posted July 16, 2014in Political Mercury

Joni Ernst, meet your Snake River Canyon

With all that bread-bagging of shoes and hog castrating on the farm, life for a young Joni Ernst surely didn’t afford a lot of time for leisurely television. And in the 1970s, before the proliferation of cable TV and the development of modern satellites to reach into space and snare

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Posted July 09, 2014in Political Mercury

The 12 percent: Is it politically fatal for Ernst? Can a candidate in modern Iowa be too religious, too rural?

Mitt Romney had his 47 percent — the portion of the American electorate he famously dismissed. The number is closely associated with the Massachusetts Republican’s failed 2012 campaign. U.S. Senate candidate Joni Ernst, an Iowa Republican whom Romney endorses, faces her own challenging political figure — call it The 12

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Posted July 02, 2014in Political Mercury

Oxford publishing Carroll native’s major work on Wilson administration

The son and brother of two of the more consequential leaders in the history of Carroll, Iowa, who spent a half century in the upper echelon of American academia with a 30-year teaching tenure at Brown University, will publish a major book on one of the more influential, albeit behind-the-scenes,

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Posted June 25, 2014in Political Mercury

Skanks and hags and Wonder Bread bags

I consider Facebook in much the same way I do public restrooms. Yes, I could make other arrangements, but in modern America, with all the travel, and the necessity of employing millennials, I’m going to have to use both. I just try and get in and out of the social-media

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Posted June 18, 2014in Political Mercury

A Polk County insider earns his rural boots

Tears rolled for many reasons as the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission approved a gambling license for Greene County in a suspense-filled session at the Catfish Bend Casino in Burlington. It brought culmination to more than a year of advocacy for what regional economic-development leaders believe will be a game-changer

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Posted June 11, 2014in Political Mercury

Branstad: Ernst brings ‘straight shooter’ approach

Just days into her role as one of the more high-profile Republican candidates in the nation, Joni Ernst joined the top of the order for a statewide campaign swing. Ernst, fresh off a commanding primary win for the U.S. Senate nomination in Iowa, earned plaudits from three of the state’s

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Posted June 04, 2014in Political Mercury

Braley insult is ‘water under the bridge’?

Perhaps no area of the state has such a celebrated agricultural history as Adair County. Home of Henry Wallace, who was born near Orient and grew up in a pioneering ag-business family and ascended to the presidency — through the office of U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. For the past 125

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Posted May 28, 2014in Political Mercury

Hatch: More women on running-mate short list, beginning to vet people

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jack Hatch is likely to agree with his November political foe Gov. Terry Branstad — and Iowa’s last three governors — on at least this: the gender of the lieutenant governor candidate. “I’m not picking a woman just to pick a woman, but more women are on

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Posted May 21, 2014in Political Mercury

Really, do you think of me as a ‘Holocaust’ survivor?

I’m a bastard. Not in the way you’re probably thinking right now, which is open to interpretation. But in a first-reference manner as defined by Webster’s — “an illegitimate child” — which is a fact. This doesn’t bother me, color my world. It is what it is. I’m adopted, the

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Posted April 30, 2014in Political Mercury

Clovis: Criminalizing abortion ‘a bridge too far’

“I believe life begins at conception and life should be protected from conception to natural, dignified death. There should be no exceptions for protecting life. However, the judicial system of the nation has protected certain options.” But the Republican U.S. Senate candidate from Hinton is not so clear in an

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