Friday, October 21, 2016

Posted June 08, 2016in Political Mercury

In round after round, Bertrand pounds King back on heels

(Note: Douglas Burns wrote this column prior to Tuesday’s primary. It remains relevant for three reasons: First, Rick Bertrand could have pulled off an upset. Second, if Bertrand’s numbers are strong enough for financial supporters, he could mount an independent candidacy in the 4th District general election. And third, no

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Posted June 01, 2016in Political Mercury

Mowrer clear and convincing in Democratic debate

  Congressional candidate Jim Mowrer on May 26 showed a professional political bearing that escaped his two rivals for the Democratic nomination in Iowa’s 3rd District, a sweep of the rural Hawkeye State bookended by Des Moines and Council Bluffs. Mowrer, an Iraq War veteran who took on U.S. Rep. Steve King,

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Posted May 25, 2016in Political Mercury

Patty Judge: ‘Old Iowa women are tough’

Patty Judge wouldn’t reveal the internal poll numbers inspiring that twinkle in her eye. But the veteran Iowa politician, the former lieutenant governor and state secretary of agriculture, says she’s a highly secure presumptive nominee in a four-person Democratic primary June 7. What’s more, Judge says she’ll be a competitive force in

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Posted May 11, 2016in Political Mercury

10 reasons Trump should select Joni Ernst as running mate

Donald Trump, the bombastic billionaire who has defied convention, confounded expert prediction, and punctured the business of punditry to obsolescence, now has his self-described large hands gripping the Republican presidential nomination. His speech last Tuesday from Trump Tower in New York City amounted to a rhetorical basketball net cutting for this

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Posted May 04, 2016in Political Mercury

What Hillary Clinton thinks when she thinks about rural America

      Hillary Clinton covered a wide swath of issues — many dealing specifically with rural economic development, opportunities for Iowa small towns — in a 23-minute interview with Political Mercury on a summer Sunday afternoon in Carroll leading up to Iowa caucuses. Clinton, who logged more than a million miles of

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Posted April 27, 2016in Political Mercury

No crying over spilled popcorn and Dr Pepper

  Yes, Bruce Willis’ character really being dead all along got me in “The Sixth Sense” — and the movie particularly creeped me as I watched it in 1999 during a hurricane north of Boston. There have been other shockers in my cinema-going days, particularly in the late 1980s and early

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Posted April 20, 2016in Political Mercury

Do we trust King to talk Ted out of being Ted?

So the eager suitor shows up to collect your daughter for a date. He’s earnest and honest about his intentions. The young man (let’s call him Taylor) is clear about his evening’s plans. Astonishingly, Taylor even tells you his designs for a night of drinking and intercourse with your daughter. Yep,

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Posted April 13, 2016in Political Mercury

A big day for Cruz in Fort Dodge, other GOP convention sites

    GOP party platform calls for banning abortion with no exceptions for rape, incest   Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, the Iowa caucuses winner who maintains clear-and-convincing Hawkeye State grassroots networking, picked up 11 of 12 national convention delegates selected at regional party conventions Saturday — including three in the 4th

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Posted April 06, 2016in Featured Story, Homepage Cover Story, Political Mercury

Grassley says guns OK on Republican convention floor

U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, tells Political Mercury he’s leading efforts on a bill that would allow delegates to carry firearms into the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, in July.   Ohio is an open-carry state, but Quicken Loans Arena, the convention venue, prohibits firearms. Asked if attendees should be able to take guns into

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Posted April 01, 2016in Political Mercury

Trump founding fraternities at University of Iowa, Iowa State

  Troubled with what he sees as the emasculating effects of the modern university campus — an environment in which terms like “affirmative consent” and “micro-aggressions” increasingly define the gender and racial rules of engagement — Donald Trump is launching his own college fraternity system with the inaugural chapters slated for chartering at

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