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Posted May 31, 2017in Political Mercury

Democrat Norris spies 1974-like opening

“Testing the waters” with a swing through Iowa Red Oak native John Norris, a former top staffer at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and key figure in Iowa campaigns for a generation, brings a lengthy resume of advocacy for farm life to his potential — and seemingly odds-on — campaign

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Posted May 03, 2017in Political Mercury

What’s Joni Ernst thinking about President Trump these days?

Iowa senator talks corn, trade, foreign policy and the draft In a 1981 movie partially set in Dubuque frustrated brewery workers had a message: “Take this job and shove it!” The Johnny Paycheck song served as the title of that folksy film, and today, those words sum up what some

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Posted April 05, 2017in Political Mercury

Think it pays to be white in Steve King’s Iowa? Think again.

I was somebody else’s baby. Until I wasn’t. Born to teen parents in Cedar Rapids in 1969, the first motherly play-call in my life was a handoff to a nurse who took my swaddled self from the young-and-distressed hands of Biological Mom at Mercy Medical Center to an on-deck circle

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Posted March 01, 2017in Political Mercury

New state chair: Democrats on all-Iowa connection mission

Party can’t just bash Trump, Reynolds and expect to win, Derek Eadon says The key to resurrecting the Democratic Party in Iowa in the wake of two devastating campaign cycles in which presumed favorites Bruce Braley and Hillary Clinton fell on the swords of their own poor messaging is greater

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Posted February 01, 2017in Political Mercury

Mr. Trump, rural Iowa needs you on Highway 30

What are the most important four words President Donald J. Trump could say for rural Iowa? “Four lane Highway 30.” U.S. Highway 30 is the longest road in the state, running 331 miles from the Mississippi to Missouri River. The U.S. 30 corridor spans 12 counties and 39 cities.  According to

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Posted January 04, 2017in Political Mercury

Why Rod Roberts should be Reynolds’ lieutenant governor

First things first. The news of the appointment of the nation’s longest-serving governor, Iowa’s Terry Branstad, to be ambassador to China is encouraging for a host of reasons, from national security to agricultural export opportunities to breakthroughs only possible through the sort of personal relationships Branstad has wisely cultivated over

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Posted November 30, 2016in Political Mercury

5 takes on President-elect Donald Trump

1. Accept the results of the election, kids. Trump won. Full stop. Disgruntled millennials in Portland, Oregon, and tea cuppers who crack when the microbrewery short stocks their favorite craft beer need to learn to take a loss. The time for protest of vote totals? Election Day. Do the results

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Posted November 02, 2016in Political Mercury

No, Rudy, men behind the curtain aren’t like Trump

Ladies, let me take you behind the curtain of male privilege and entitlement, into the locker rooms and fraternity chapter chambers and other sanctuaries of unapologetic American maleness. Right up front, I’m here to tell you, Donald Trump’s admissions of genital groping — of breath-mint-popping, lip-puckering readiness for forced kisses

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Posted October 05, 2016in Political Mercury

Pro-Clinton super PAC seeks to cut into Trump’s growing margin

Medical technology entrepreneur Dr. Steven Kraus has founded an independent political action committee to boost Hillary Clinton’s White House candidacy. The super PAC — Iowans For A Prosperous & Safer America — launched a website (  and began placing newspaper ads throughout Iowa. The PAC intends to finance advertising in all of

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Posted August 31, 2016in Political Mercury

Rural Iowa’s stupid bet will give Des Moines and suburbs defining political power

A soulless suburban sprawl spills out of Des Moines and other urban centers. Many of you reading this are living in it. But rural Iowans like me bemoan, where have the young people gone? The answer is Waukee, of course. You’re barely out of the Sweet Corn Festival parade route

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