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Annual Manual

Posted November 12, 2014in Political Mercury

The dark greed of corporate interests bread-bagged a U.S. senator

Eighty-five million dollars. That’s how much Democrats and Republicans and a colorfully striped array of outside interest groups spent on the U.S. Senate race in Iowa, according to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics (CRP). More money than Georgia ($66 million). More money than Kentucky ($78 million), where Senate Minority Leader Mitch

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Posted October 29, 2014in Political Mercury

King on gays: ‘I don’t expect to meet them should I make it to heaven’

U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Kiron, suggests gays won’t make it to heaven. What’s more, in an interview, King intimated that the divorced or cohabitators could be thwarted in the pursuit of eternal salvation as the Christian faith teaches it. Those assessments from the conservative western Iowa congressman came during his

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Posted October 22, 2014in Political Mercury

Beware what you run from, Iowa

Joni Ernst is on the verge of cashing in the winning ticket on a crazy bet. She’s wagering Iowa voters, collectively, will assume the mindset of teenage runways and stick with a juvenile defiance until well after Election Day. Run, run from the government, Ernst, the girl-next-door, tells Iowans. You

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Posted October 15, 2014in Political Mercury

Appel, Young split on how America should fight

Staci Appel says the United States should “always” fight foreign conflicts and terror with friends standing by the nation’s side. David Young says the country may be forced to throw some overseas punches alone, that the nation has to lead. The two candidates seeking to represent a 16-county sweep of

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Posted October 08, 2014in Political Mercury

Ernst and Braley: bread bags and badly injured dad

A 16-year-old Buena Vista County farm kid died last week in a farming accident. The story led the Sept. 24 issue of The Storm Lake Times. The young man perished near Truesdale when he lost his footing trying to clear a piece of machinery that had been plugged while harvesting

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Posted October 01, 2014in Political Mercury

Two Iowans, two views of the world

In a race that has Iowans sharply divided — and could decide the partisan balance of the U.S. Senate for the next two years — Joni Ernst and Bruce Braley offered opposing worldviews on Sunday that rarely touched the other’s orbit, as they differed on abortion rights, immigration, health care,

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Posted September 24, 2014in Political Mercury

Why didn’t Joni Ernst just film her shoot-the-Negro ad in Memphis?

You can’t separate the man from the law. Literally. The two blend for the word: Obama + Care = Obamacare. How you feel about the sea change in health-insurance reform largely — and in many cases, exclusively — depends on your thoughts on President Barack Obama. It’s personal. Visceral. Instinctive.

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Posted September 17, 2014in Political Mercury

Hillary is back

Just weeks or days away from becoming a grandmother, Hillary Clinton says she has a few things on her mind these days. “I’m calling Chelsea every five minutes to make sure everything is going all right,” Clinton said of the former first daughter who is expecting her first child. Then

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Posted September 10, 2014in Political Mercury

Ernst says what Jindal doggedly dodged on potential abortion penalties

State Sen. Joni Ernst deserves points for candor on her pro-life stance on abortion. The Red Oak Republican’s stated position would be that the person performing the abortion should be punished — if the leading goal of her social ideology is realized, and abortion is criminalized. Her exact words, reports

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Posted September 03, 2014in Political Mercury

Ku Klux Klan played role in Iowa Prohibition fights

Bryce T. Bauer, the Audubon-raised author of a just-released book on Templeton Rye during Prohibition, spent about two hours reading selections from his work and answering questions at signing event in Carroll. Bauer, 27, a native of a farm four miles north of Audubon on U.S. Highway 71 — land

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