Monday, September 24, 2018

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Posted September 05, 2018in Political Mercury

$1,000 a month for you — no questions asked

A universal basic income is best response as capitalism turns on ‘normal people,’ Democratic candidate for president says. Andrew Yang is seeking to shake the very foundation of how Iowans see themselves, how they measure their lives with an expected sense of fairness in day-to-day commerce, a belief that hard

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Posted August 01, 2018in Political Mercury

President Trump’s social media gauntlet would have turned ‘True Gentleman Ray’ into ‘Hanoi Bob’

Ray’s genius was coalition building; Trump’s is the surgical precision of his division seeding. Jordan vs. LeBron. Magic or Kobe? In beer-and-burger debates at bars around the nation, in ferocious online forums, the GOAT question (Greatest Of All Time) runs into a challenge: How can you compare athletes from different

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Posted July 04, 2018in Political Mercury

Defend the billionaire, attack the millionaire

Grassley says Republicans’ economic-class-based strategy against Hubbell is “a problem.” Back in 1976, we gathered as kids around the console TV for what amounted to national viewings of primetime movies, big events, like John Travolta’s “Boy In The Bubble.” It seemed an awful, isolated life for this plastic-protected kid, born

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Posted June 06, 2018in Political Mercury

Steve King makes his case for re-election to Congress

Protecting the unborn. In answering a wide-open question about what he’d most like to see associated with his re-election campaign, U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Kiron, didn’t hesitate in spotlighting the anti-abortion beliefs that motivated the now eight-term congressman to enter politics more than two decades ago. “I think people know

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Posted May 02, 2018in Political Mercury

Legalizing pro and college sports wagering is good for rural Iowa

Younger gamers have different demands and expectations. Wild Rose Casino and Resort in Jefferson posted a record month, week and day in March, casino President and Chief Operating Officer Tom Timmons reported at the recent Grow Greene County Gaming Corp. awards banquet. The success of the casino served as a catalyst for the game-changing referendum

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Posted April 04, 2018in Political Mercury

Where will President Trump fall on defining issue for Iowa economy?

Political fight will have implications for two of the more vital figures in Iowa’s economy — the price of corn and soybeans. Some of the nation’s top renewable-fuels and corn and soybean advocates, backed by hundreds of farmers and ag businesspeople, rallied outside of Nevada, Iowa, one recent Saturday afternoon

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Posted February 28, 2018in Political Mercury

You are clicking to your enemy

And he doesn’t speak Spanish Never in the annals of human history has a gay man so brilliantly wooed a straight woman. Apple CEO Tim Cook and other forces at the tech Goliath, the latest apps and wizardry in hand, seduced our governor with the siren song of Siri, boosting

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Posted January 31, 2018in Political Mercury

In Steve King’s Iowa, white women need to be pregnant — like all the time

Hail King and Crania Americana! In the snowy white, diversity-free future Steve King envisions for Iowa, a blonde-haired, milky-skinned paradise parade of pure-bred Caucasians, white women had better get pregnant early and often. Carroll County has a 1.9 percent unemployment rate, and over in Greene County, that number has dipped

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Posted January 03, 2018in Political Mercury

Yes, friendship matters to Iowans, and it’s time for Ernst to go Harry Truman on Trump

Senator Joni Ernst, who has built a formidable friendship with New York Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand, no doubt dodged a question as a politician she desperately wanted (or needed) to answer as a friend. Ernst, an Iowa Republican, was asked to comment by Huffington Post politics reporter Igor Bobic about President

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Posted December 06, 2017in Political Mercury

A point and twist on sexual misconduct?

Can Dr. Andy McGuire reconcile Moore bashing, Clinton denial? Dr. Andy McGuire of Des Moines, an Iowa Democrat running for governor in 2018, is quick to believe the women who have accused Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual harassment and assault in the 1970s. She says the Moore

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