Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Posted January 03, 2018in Political Mercury

Yes, friendship matters to Iowans, and it’s time for Ernst to go Harry Truman on Trump

Senator Joni Ernst, who has built a formidable friendship with New York Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand, no doubt dodged a question as a politician she desperately wanted (or needed) to answer as a friend. Ernst, an Iowa Republican, was asked to comment by Huffington Post politics reporter Igor Bobic about President

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Posted December 06, 2017in Political Mercury

A point and twist on sexual misconduct?

Can Dr. Andy McGuire reconcile Moore bashing, Clinton denial? Dr. Andy McGuire of Des Moines, an Iowa Democrat running for governor in 2018, is quick to believe the women who have accused Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual harassment and assault in the 1970s. She says the Moore

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Posted November 01, 2017in Political Mercury

Boots and blue-jeaned into oblivion

Or can Fred Hubbell, the embodiment of the Des Moines establishment, resurrect rural Iowa? Mr. and Mrs. Rural Iowa. Or to put it more directly, my friends and neighbors: I invite you to take a Sunday drive through the Des Moines suburb of Grimes, which is snaking east with housing

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Posted October 04, 2017in Political Mercury

A baby bump? Think twice, fetus carrier, says Democratic candidate

J.D. Scholten considers himself generally under the pro-choice rubric as a candidate on the position of abortion. This puts him at odds with staunchly pro-life Congressman Steve King, a Kiron Republican who has represented similarly unbending anti-abortion political territory in western and central Iowa for eight terms in the U.S.

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Posted September 06, 2017in Political Mercury

Hubbell boasts state-wide experience

Democratic candidate for governor seeks a return home in 2018 bid Fred Hubbell, a scion of a foundational Iowa family, says he wants to see rural Iowa flourish as much as its capital city. Hubbell, if elected governor in 2018, says he would return to Terrace Hill, a home his

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Posted August 02, 2017in Political Mercury

The Democrats’ great rural Iowa hope?

Can John Norris cut into Republican heavy countryside in governor’s race? The winding Montgomery County roads from Red Oak to the Norris family farm served as something of a time machine July 10, with both forward and reverse levers available to a politician many Democrats believe can resurrect the party’s

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Posted July 05, 2017in Political Mercury

Redneck skeet shooting with prizes

The comedian Bill Burr invented another shooting sport should the worlds of, the Goliath of modern e-commerce, collide with the diminished rural regions of the nation for which the Internet is proving to be something akin to the Smallpox-infected blankets white soldiers gave to Native Americans in the 1800s.

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Posted May 31, 2017in Political Mercury

Democrat Norris spies 1974-like opening

“Testing the waters” with a swing through Iowa Red Oak native John Norris, a former top staffer at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and key figure in Iowa campaigns for a generation, brings a lengthy resume of advocacy for farm life to his potential — and seemingly odds-on — campaign

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Posted May 03, 2017in Political Mercury

What’s Joni Ernst thinking about President Trump these days?

Iowa senator talks corn, trade, foreign policy and the draft In a 1981 movie partially set in Dubuque frustrated brewery workers had a message: “Take this job and shove it!” The Johnny Paycheck song served as the title of that folksy film, and today, those words sum up what some

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Posted April 05, 2017in Political Mercury

Think it pays to be white in Steve King’s Iowa? Think again.

I was somebody else’s baby. Until I wasn’t. Born to teen parents in Cedar Rapids in 1969, the first motherly play-call in my life was a handoff to a nurse who took my swaddled self from the young-and-distressed hands of Biological Mom at Mercy Medical Center to an on-deck circle

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