Sunday, March 1, 2015

Annual Manual

Posted February 25, 2015in Political Mercury

At gut-check time with abortion politics, is Ernst a Clinton in conservative clothing?

It’s a line of a questioning most pro-life candidates don’t like. Count our new U.S. senator among them. When asked, they often claim they never thought about it, that they don’t answer “hypotheticals.” Should people who have abortions or doctors who perform them be fined — like we do with

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Posted February 18, 2015in Political Mercury

Rural Iowa’s most vital location

There’s a saying in Texas: It ain’t bragging if you can back it up. It seems the Texas-ism packed its bags, headed north and found a comfortable home in Greene County, Iowa. So here it is, backed up, with engine gunning: Greene County is the most vital rural county in

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Posted February 11, 2015in Political Mercury

President Hillary Clinton: King’s Divine Right of Kings?

You can’t retract a prayer. But our congressman may be wishing he provided more direction and guidance to our maker should one Hillary Rodham Clinton take the presidential oath of office in 2017. In kicking off The Iowa Freedom Summit, his international political sensation late last month, King read a

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Posted February 04, 2015in Political Mercury

A Nice Guy toast to farmers

Iowa Nice Guy and Mount Carmel native Scott Siepker, who blends satire and passion for rural Iowa on social media, has delivered something of a video love letter to agriculture with his with his filmmaking team’s latest release — “Farmer Nice.” Now up on YouTube, and going viral with close

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Posted January 28, 2015in Political Mercury

20 takeaways from Steve King’s Iowa Freedom Summit

1. Scott Walker is the real political deal. The Wisconsin governor — who went to grade school in Plainfield, Iowa — showed connectivity, policy bona fides and earnest seriousness. Walker focused effectively on education, which is where Iowans spend the majority of their state taxes. And he offered a foundational

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Posted January 21, 2015in Political Mercury

The Considerable Substance of Art Neu’s Voice

(The following is the text of the eulogy delivered by Douglas Burns for Art Neu at memorial services for the late Carroll mayor and lieutenant governor on Saturday at the Carroll Recreation Center.)   I’ll just come right out with it. Art Neu and I were in prison together. I’ll

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Posted January 14, 2015in Political Mercury

Duffy Inspired by Colleagues’ Courageous Cartoons

Veteran Iowa cartoonist Brian Duffy — whose creative works are digested by readers regularly in this newspaper — says corporate control and an ethos of commercialism have largely watered down American newspaper cartoons to the point where they offer only glimmers of what his peers at a now high-profile French satirical

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Posted January 07, 2015in Political Mercury

A forceful Iowa icon

  Arthur A. Neu, a son of Carroll’s longest-serving mayor who went on to a career in public service himself that included election as lieutenant governor of Iowa, died Jan. 2 from complications of pneumonia. He was 81. Neu’s oldest son and law partner, A. Eric Neu, a Carroll County

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Posted December 31, 2014in Political Mercury

Identity politics weighs heavily in Iowa Democrats choice of narrator

  The least-known candidate for chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party is the best choice.   And that stands to reason. The party must re-acquaint itself with Iowa’s countryside, the land of the Three Democratic Giants. Tom Harkin sprang from Cumming, Henry A. Wallace is from Orient, and Harold Hughes, as

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Posted December 24, 2014in Political Mercury

Rejoicing the freedom to sing ‘Silent Night’ in a peaceful Iowa

  One of the more inspiring Christmas stories I’ve ever heard doesn’t involve Tiny Tim and a bunch of lame ghosts. Or Jimmy Stewart and a town called Bedford Falls. (With apologies to Denison native Academy Award-winning actress Donna Reed.) Or that kid who wants a BB gun. That’s fiction.

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