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Annual Manual

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The Best TV of 2014 Pt. 1

  (Almost) everything you should revisit, or discover, from the past year.   “True Detective” (HBO) Creator/writer Nic Pizzolatto probably screwed himself by launching this mesmerizing crime anthology with stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson at the top of their respective games. Good luck following up these eight near-perfect episodes.

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100 and done

“Anger Management” finally reaches 100 episodes. In other news, “Anger Management” is still on. In March 2011, Charlie Sheen was fired from CBS’ “Two & a Half Men” for being, well, more Charlie Sheen than he had been during production of the sitcom’s previous seven seasons. He then went on

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Space oddity

“Marco Polo” Friday, Dec. 12 (Netflix) Networks are jumping on the sweeping, quasi-historical period piece bandwagon: HBO set it off with “Game of Thrones,” History has “Vikings,” Starz has “Outlander” and “Black Sails,” AMC has “Turn” and “Hell on Wheels,” The CW has “Reign,” and now Netflix is dropping the

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Adventure Time

Peter Pan Live! Thursday, Dec. 4 (NBC) Special: Last year, it was “The Sound of Music”; in January, it’ll be “The Music Man”; tonight, “Peter Pan” — NBC can’t launch a TV series anymore, but at least they have the high school musical market locked down. As with “The Sound

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Cinema Insomnia (Roku’s Zom-Bee TV) “Your host” Mr. Lobo has presented late-night horror-cheese showcase Cinema Insomnia for 13 years through a smattering of regional cable outlets and, probably, subliminal mind control. Last year, Zom-Bee TV (available through streaming service Roku) picked up Cinema Insomnia, exposing the campy creature-feature to a

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X-mas onslaught

“An En Vogue Christmas” (Lifetime; Saturday, Nov. 22) The singers of En Vogue (as played by the current legally recognized singers of En Vogue) reunite for a holiday benefit concert to save the nightclub that gave them their start and to forgive the sleazy manager (David Allen Grier) who “broke

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Zero Dark Iffy

[B] State of Affairs Monday, Nov. 17 (NBC) Series Debut: Katherine Heigl was great in Grey’s Anatomy, and then Knocked Up—let’s pretend she joined the Peace Corps in 2007 and is just now returning to acting, OK? In State of Affairs, she plays a CIA analyst/adviser with a special relationship

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Broadcast skews

“The Newsroom” Sunday, Nov. 9 (HBO) The third and final season of Aaron Sorkin’s journalism fan-fiction drama takes place in 2013; your historical place-marker being the Boston Marathon bombing. “The Newsroom” never quite lived up to the promise of its rousing debut episode, which was a none-too-subtle challenge to American

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Comic fail

“The McCarthys” Thursday, Oct. 30 (CBS) Series Debut: A fat, loudmouthed, sports-obsessed Bah-ston family has a gay son — and, go for borderline homophobic comedy! Or borderline comedy, period. Even sadder than the continued use of The Laugh Track (yes, there’s only one — all the shows share it) in

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Monsters Inc.

“Grimm” Friday, Oct. 24 (NBC) “Season Premiere: Law & Order: Supernatural Portlandia” (or, “Grimm” for short) is back! When Season 3 left off, Nick (David Giuntoli) had lost his Grimm power to see fairytale Wesen creatures both good and evil, essentially rendering him the only straight-up human in Portland. (Seriously,

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