Monday, June 27, 2016

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“Orphan Black” returns with multiplied tension; “The Night Manager” bests Bond.

“Orphan Black” Thursday, April 14 (BBC America) Season Premiere: Tense sci-fi soap “Orphan Black” has so much going within its clone-crowded narrative that the news of out-there musician Peaches appearing in Season 4, playing herself, barely even registers (in fact, it almost makes too much sense). In this chapter, Sarah

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Are you experienced?

“The Girlfriend Experience” takes sex seriously; “Dice” rolls snake eyes. “The Girlfriend Experience” Sunday, April 10 (Starz) Series Debut: No Starz series has ever arrived with as much critic-melting pageantry as “The Girlfriend Experience.” The 13-episode series is produced by Steven Soderbergh (and based on his 2009 movie of the

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Hard times

    “Banshee” returns for one last brutal run; good riddance, “American Idol.”   “Banshee” Friday, April 1 (Cinemax) Season Premiere: Anyone flinching at the hand-to-hand-combat brutality of “Daredevil” has never seen Cinemax’s “Banshee.” Season 4 will be the last for this overlooked, gritty slice of Amish-country crime noir (stay

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Love and money

“The Catch” Thursday, March 24 (ABC) Series debut: A Shonda Rhimes production batting cleanup on ABC’s hottest night, which she essentially owns (“Scandal,” “How to Get Away With Murder,” “Grey’s Anatomy”)? Do I even need to continue here? Yes, because “The Catch” is, and isn’t, typical Shondaland TV. Sure, the

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Devil’s night

“Daredevil” Friday, March 18 (Netflix) Season Premiere: Compared to Ben Affleck’s “Daredevil,” the 2004 Thomas Jane-led “Punisher” flick wasn’t that bad — but Jon Bernthal (“The Walking Dead”) is the ultimate Punisher the fanboys have been waiting for. Season 2 of Marvel/Netflix smash “Daredevil” picks up with Matt Murdock (Charlie

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Party down

“Party Over Here” Saturday, March 12 (Fox) Series Debut: Fox’s history with late-night comedy programming ranges from near-great (1995-2009’s “MadTV,” 2006-09’s “Talkshow With Spike Feresten”) to passable (the current “Animation Domination High-Def”) to WTMFF? (1993’s “The Chevy Chase Show,” one of the most famed flameouts in TV history). “Party Over

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Politics as usual

“The Family” Thursday, March 3 (ABC) Series Debut: ABC has only launched a single winner in the 2015-16 TV season: “Quantico” (aka “Federal Beautiful Investigators,” aka “How to Get Away With Homeland,” which returns March 6, if you were wondering). Everything else has been DOA, and “The Family” will likely

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Midseason report

You’re probably watching few, if any, Big Four (ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox and NBC) network shows via live broadcast anymore. Hell, you’re probably not even watching on an actual television set — do you even own a TV, comrade? Or, as you’ll see in some of the lists below,

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Bleat emotion

“Love” Friday, Feb. 19 (Netflix) Series Debut: Gillian Jacobs was always the most underrated player in “Community,” a reliable source of dark snark who functioned as a counterpoint to Joel McHale who was rarely forced to play the “pretty blonde” card. In her first real headlining gig in Judd Apatow’s

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Rock on

“Vinyl” Sunday, Feb. 14 (HBO) Series Debut: “What? You thought records got played because they’re good?” sniffs American Century Records president Richie Finestra (Bobby Cannavale), explaining away his radio-payola tactics of securing his bands airplay with a little coke and a lot of cash. Thing is, Richie loves good music

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