Sunday, October 4, 2015

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“Sex With Brody” Fridays (E!) New Series: What’s worse than a radio show repurposed as a TV show? Nothing. At least “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” on The Blaze, with its white microphones and illusion of floating in “Heaven,” attempts to add a visual element. Beck may be a frothing

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Let’s rock!

“Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” Thursday, July 16 (FX) Series Debut: Singer Johnny Rock (Denis Leary) and guitarist Flash (John Corbett) scored 15 seconds of fame when their critically hailed — and accurately named — rock band The Heathens released their debut album and broke up the on the same day in the early

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Deep south

“Rectify” Thursday, July 9 (Sundance) Season Premiere: Critics spent the first two seasons of “Rectify” trying to explain a series that defies description; the dirt-simple outline being “Daniel (Aden Young) returns to his Georgia hometown after 19 years on death row for murdering his childhood sweetheart due to inconclusive evidence,

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‘Merican Spoils

“The Millers” Saturday, July 4 (CBS) Series Burn-Off: Talk about “unceremonious.” Dumped on Saturdays, on the Fourth of July? Damn. Canceled family sitcom “The Millers” (starring Will Arnett, Margo Martindale, Beau Bridges and J.B. Smoove) deserves a better send-off than this; there are far worse CBS comedies with far less-capable

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Bad robot

“Humans” Sunday, June 28 (AMC) Series Debut: It’s not the future; it’s a “parallel present”(?). Whenever it is, “Humans” is a British production, which means a more subtle take on sci-fi than ‘Merican fare: A busy suburban London couple (Tom Goodman-Hill and Katherine Parkinson) buy a refurbished “Synth” (a human-like

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Cop drama

“True Detective” Sunday, June 21 (HBO) How do you top Matthew McConaughy and Woody Harrelson from “True Detective”’s killer debut season? Double-down on the star power: Besides Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn, Season 2 also features Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch as co-leads, and the supporting-cast bench isn’t lacking, either.

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Back in black

“Orange Is the New Black” Friday, June 12 (Netflix) Season Premiere: Aside from the return of a beaten-down and bruised-up Alex (Laura Prepon), things are almost too bright and happy at Litchfield Penitentiary in the “Orange Is the New Black” Season 3 opener. The episode, however, ends on a heart-rending

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Stay inside

“Sense8” Netflix; Friday, June 5 The Wachowski Brothers bring their “Matrix”-y weirdness to TV in the tale of eight people around the world who can tap into each other’s existences. Coincidentally, they’re all ridiculously good-looking.   “Dark Matter” Syfy; Friday, June 12 The crew of an adrift spaceship wakes up

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Charlie Don’t Surf

“Aquarius” Thursday, May 28 (NBC) Two-Hour Series Debut: In a semi-factual drama about one of America’s most notorious killers, the cop (David Duchovny) probably shouldn’t be more charming and charismatic than his target — especially when that killer is Charles Manson (Gethin Anthony of “Game of Thrones”). Duchovny’s 1967 LAPD

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Fall forward

Are you over the current television season? So are the broadcast networks — they’re moving on to the 2015-16 season, and here’s some of what they’ll be serving up this fall and early next year: “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” (The CW): The Atom, Captain Cold, Heatwave and various other characters

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