Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Cop drama

“True Detective” Sunday, June 21 (HBO) How do you top Matthew McConaughy and Woody Harrelson from “True Detective”’s killer debut season? Double-down on the star power: Besides Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn, Season 2 also features Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch as co-leads, and the supporting-cast bench isn’t lacking, either.

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Back in black

“Orange Is the New Black” Friday, June 12 (Netflix) Season Premiere: Aside from the return of a beaten-down and bruised-up Alex (Laura Prepon), things are almost too bright and happy at Litchfield Penitentiary in the “Orange Is the New Black” Season 3 opener. The episode, however, ends on a heart-rending

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Stay inside

“Sense8” Netflix; Friday, June 5 The Wachowski Brothers bring their “Matrix”-y weirdness to TV in the tale of eight people around the world who can tap into each other’s existences. Coincidentally, they’re all ridiculously good-looking.   “Dark Matter” Syfy; Friday, June 12 The crew of an adrift spaceship wakes up

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Charlie Don’t Surf

“Aquarius” Thursday, May 28 (NBC) Two-Hour Series Debut: In a semi-factual drama about one of America’s most notorious killers, the cop (David Duchovny) probably shouldn’t be more charming and charismatic than his target — especially when that killer is Charles Manson (Gethin Anthony of “Game of Thrones”). Duchovny’s 1967 LAPD

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Fall forward

Are you over the current television season? So are the broadcast networks — they’re moving on to the 2015-16 season, and here’s some of what they’ll be serving up this fall and early next year: “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” (The CW): The Atom, Captain Cold, Heatwave and various other characters

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Twin piques

“Wayward Pines” Thursday, May 14 (Fox) Of all the creepy TV mysteries set in idyllic little mountain towns, M. Night Shyamalan’s “Wayward Pines” is, well, the latest — and, if Fox sticks to its “10-episode limited series” promise (thanks for tainting our trust, “Under the Dome”), potentially one of the

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The guess list

We’re still a month away from receiving the Final Word from television networks about which of your favorite shows have been renewed for another season or canceled forever — but what’s to stop this column from speculating right now? Nothing! Through an intricate system of network trend analysis, May sweeps

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Posted April 29, 2015in On The Tube

Dreadfully Happy

“Happyish” Sundays (Showtime) Showtime’s current Sunday lineup is no match for the hype steamroller of HBO’s “Game of Thrones”/“Silicon Valley”/“Veep” trifecta, which makes it the perfect-ish place for a throwback midlife-crisis comedy — even if it is sandwiched between a running-out-the-clock dramedy (“Nurse Jackie”) and a steampunk creepshow (“Penny Dreadful”).

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Weed out the week

After “Are you still writing for that paper?” and “Why did I assume you were dead?”, the question I’m most often asked is “So, what’s good on TV?” Sure, I write a readily-available weekly column about what’s good on TV (and not-so-good), and produce a podcast (TV Tan — look

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Clone Wars

“Axe Cop” Thursday, April 16 (FXX) Few watched Fox’s failed attempt to take both Adult Swim and “Saturday Night Live” with the late-night Animation Domination High-Def (ADHD — get it?) in 2013; fewer still are aware that the cartoon block moved to FXX in January of this year. Only the

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