Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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Dregs of Summer

“Geeks Who Drink” Thursdays (Syfy) New Series: The version of “Geeks Who Drink” you play at the local bar can be fun, but would you watch it? What if it was hosted by the guy who used to be “Chuck” (Zachary Levi) and featured a smattering of semi-celebrities? Yeah, it’s

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Dead live

“Documentary Now!” Thursday, Aug. 20 (IFC) Series Debut: Relax, it’s not a real documentary series — IFC doesn’t do that anymore. The former Independent Film Channel is now in the Irregularly Funny Comedy business, and “Documentary Now!” (the exclamation point should’ve been a giveaway) is a faux-doc series from “Portlandia”

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Summer rewind

“Another Period” (Comedy Central) After a meh first episode, Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome’s “Downton Abbey”/“Kardashians” parody became bolder and funnier (and dirtier) every week. It’s “Wet Hot 1902 Summer.” “Halt and Catch Fire” (AMC) Just ended and most likely canceled, ’80s tech drama “Halt and Catch Fire” really did

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Moment of zen

“The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” Thursday, Aug. 6 (Comedy Central) Series Finale: Jon Stewart’s leaving television much richer with comedic fake news reporting than when he took over “The Daily Show” from Craig Kilborn (‘member him?) in 1999. Now, we have Comedy Central’s own “Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore,”

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Hot, hot heat

“Wet Hot American Summer” Friday, July 31 (Netflix) Series Debut: You either loved 2001 cult flick “Wet Hot American Summer” or hated it — or liked the first half and meh-ed the second; opinions vary wildly. The new eight-episode Netflix “prequel,” subtitled “First Day of Camp,” reassembles the original cast

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“Sex With Brody” Fridays (E!) New Series: What’s worse than a radio show repurposed as a TV show? Nothing. At least “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” on The Blaze, with its white microphones and illusion of floating in “Heaven,” attempts to add a visual element. Beck may be a frothing

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Let’s rock!

“Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” Thursday, July 16 (FX) Series Debut: Singer Johnny Rock (Denis Leary) and guitarist Flash (John Corbett) scored 15 seconds of fame when their critically hailed — and accurately named — rock band The Heathens released their debut album and broke up the on the same day in the early

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Deep south

“Rectify” Thursday, July 9 (Sundance) Season Premiere: Critics spent the first two seasons of “Rectify” trying to explain a series that defies description; the dirt-simple outline being “Daniel (Aden Young) returns to his Georgia hometown after 19 years on death row for murdering his childhood sweetheart due to inconclusive evidence,

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‘Merican Spoils

“The Millers” Saturday, July 4 (CBS) Series Burn-Off: Talk about “unceremonious.” Dumped on Saturdays, on the Fourth of July? Damn. Canceled family sitcom “The Millers” (starring Will Arnett, Margo Martindale, Beau Bridges and J.B. Smoove) deserves a better send-off than this; there are far worse CBS comedies with far less-capable

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Posted June 24, 2015in On The Tube

Bad robot

“Humans” Sunday, June 28 (AMC) Series Debut: It’s not the future; it’s a “parallel present”(?). Whenever it is, “Humans” is a British production, which means a more subtle take on sci-fi than ‘Merican fare: A busy suburban London couple (Tom Goodman-Hill and Katherine Parkinson) buy a refurbished “Synth” (a human-like

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