Sunday, November 29, 2015

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Gone to Hell

“South of Hell” Friday, Nov. 27 (WeTV) Series Debut: Either WeTV is embracing the binge-watching model by dropping all seven episodes of “South of Hell” tonight, or they’d just rather get it over with and hope no one notices. This likely one-season-and-done horror series, about a southern demon hunter (Mena

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Alias, Jessica

“The Art of More” Thursday, Nov. 19 (Crackle)  Series Debut: Small-time crook Graham Connor (Christian Cooke) slips into the high-end art world of the super-rich — but if the dark side of the auction house doesn’t sting him first, his shady secret past will. The slick and sexy “Art of More” is

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It’s (Mr.) Showtime!

Reunited “Mr. Show with Bob & David,” kicking ass with “Into the Badlands” and soaping it up with “The Royals.” “W/ Bob & David” Friday, Nov. 13 (Netflix) Series Debut: I’m going to assume/hope my audience is too young to remember HBO’s “Mr. Show With Bob & David.” If not,

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Dancing with the scars

“Master of None” Friday, Nov. 6 (Netflix) Series Debut: Comedian/actor Aziz Ansari (“Parks & Recreation”) plays a New York City comedian/actor who’s a hell of a lot like Aziz Ansari. Depending on your Aziz Ansari tolerance levels, this is either great or terrible news (and nobody’s asking you, “Family Guy”).

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Bloodbath and Beyond

“Ash vs. Evil Dead” Saturday, Oct. 31 (Starz) Series Debut: Attention S-Mart shoppers: Ash (Bruce Campbell), and his Boomstick and chainsaw, are back! After three decades of doing little besides lying low, growing a beer belly and pretending the dead never rose — even though re-killing said dead and saving

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Superheroine Chic

“Hemlock Grove” Friday, Oct. 23 (Netflix) Season Premiere: Remember “Hemlock Grove”? It was “American Horror Story” Does “Twin Peaks” before “American Horror Story” started doing “Twin Peaks” (seriously, “Hotel,” stop), with a dash of “Twilight” for the kiddies. The Eli Roth-produced series debuted with a bloody splash in 2013, helping

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Comedy Hell

“Truth Be Told” Friday, Oct. 16 (NBC) Series Debut: Mark-Paul Gosselaar (“Franklin & Bash” and, of course, “Saved by the Bell”) has proven he can do funny, as has Tone Bell (the best part of last season’s “Bad Judge”). Unfortunately, they’re saddled with a tepid, laugh-tracked bro-com that’s paired with the still-awful “Undateable” on

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Cold case

“SuperMansion” Thursday, Oct. 8 (Crackle) Series Debut: Geezer superhero Titanium Rex (voiced by Bryan Cranston) and his equally creaky League of Freedom live together in the SuperMansion when not out fighting crime and/or the battle to remain relevant. This senior-citizen stop-motion “Avengers” looks like “Robot Chicken” because it’s from the

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Ice holes

“Benders” Thursday, Oct. 1 (IFC) Series Debut: Denis Leary has produced shows firefighters (“Rescue Me”), EMTs (“Sirens”) and music (“Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll”), so it was inevitable that he’d get around to another of his obsessions: hockey. “Benders”’ beer-soaked concept of an amateur hockey league that spends more time bro-bonding and trash-talking off

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Vegas, Baby!

“The Player” Thursday, Sept. 24 (NBC) Series Debut: Phillip Winchester (“Strike Back”) plays Alex Cane, an ex-FBI operative now working as a Las Vegas security consultant who’s approached by the mysterious “Mr. Johnson” (Wesley Snipes — yes, that Wesley Snipes) to play a game: Try and stop these high-stakes crimes

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