Friday, March 6, 2015

Annual Manual

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Schmidt happens

“Dig” Thursday, March 5 (USA) At least the USA Network is trying new ideas. But, for every creative win (like comedies “Sirens” and “Playing House,” or dramas “Graceland” and “Satisfaction”), there’s a pandering pantload (like reality steamers “Chrisley Knows Best” and “Summer Camp”), and a handful of lingering legacies that

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Lonely Guy

“House of Cards” Friday, Feb. 27 (Netflix) It’s always been crazy-good, but is “House of Cards” just more crazy than good? Now-President Frank Underwood’s (Kevin Spacey) rise to the top has seen him plowing through one deliciously ridiculous politico-soap-opera scandal after another, as well as a slew of unsatisfying toothless

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Re-tread Lightly

“The Odd Couple” Thursday, Feb. 19 (CBS) Like CBS’ recently canceled “The Millers,” “The Odd Couple” (a remake of a ’70s sitcom, kids) is a case of a killer comedic cast (Matthew Perry, Thomas Lennon, Lindsay Sloane, Wendell Pearce and Yvette Nicole Brown) saddled with an annoyingly laugh-tracked, numbingly beige

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Hand of fate

“The Slap” Thursday, Feb. 12 (NBC) If America learns nothing else from NBC’s adaptation of Australian hit “The Slap” beyond the fact that a successful, pleasant backyard BBQ doesn’t include children, I’ll consider this “dialogue-starter” a success. The title and overcooked promos make “The Slap” seem like a joke —

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Lawyer Up

“Allegiance” Thursday, Feb. 5 (NBC) Decades ago, KGB agent Katya (Hope Davis) was given the mission to seduce and recruit an American businessman (Mark Cohen). Instead, she fell in love with him and the Kremlin just said, “Go ahead and move to the U.S.; we’ll be in touch.” Guess who

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Sportball drama

“Duff Till Dawn” Thursday, Jan. 29 (Food Network) In the four years since greatest food-related reality show ever, “Ace of Cakes,” shut down production, Charm City Cakes boss — not a damned Cake Boss, OK? — Duff Goldman has starred in several short-lived Food Network series, none of which have

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“Backstrom” Thursday, Jan. 22 (Fox) “I don’t see the worst in everyone. I see the everyone in everyone.” That’s just one of dozens of hack lines delivered half-heartedly by Rainn Wilson (“The Office”) in the premiere episode of “Backstrom,” this year’s Let’s Get This Over With midseason slot-filler from Fox

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Jordan Creek Mall Shakes Things Up

Now in its second decade, Jordan Creek Town Center will seek new stores as leases expire. Teen retailer Abercrombie & Fitch will close Jan. 24, along with its neighboring Abercrombie Kids store, both on the upper level. Wet Seal and Delia’s have both reported financial struggles in previous years and

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Monkey Business

“Portlandia” Thursdays (IFC) One of the selling points of “Portlandia” has always been, if you don’t like one sketch, there’s another coming along in a minute. In Season 5, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are going a different route and spending a whole episode with one pair of characters (last

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New Year’s Noise

  “Archer” Thursday, Jan. 8 (FX) Season Premiere: After last season’s cocaine ’n’ country detour, Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) and crew are back in the spy game — but no longer as ISIS, since that name’s been, uh, compromised. After he’s done wallowing in “cobra whiskey and lady-boy hookers,”

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