Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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Posted August 03, 2022in Lunch With...

Jerry Talerico

Jerry Talerico is the dean of local chefs. He was the first Iowan to attend the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). He grew up in his father’s legendary restaurant Vic’s [...]

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Posted June 01, 2022in Lunch With...

Siobhan Spain at Franka

Siobhan Spain is the director of Mainframe Studios, a lower-rent facility for artists and not-for-profit organizations. She has worked with a dozen internationally famous artists in New York, Los Angeles [...]

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Posted May 04, 2022in Lunch With...

KCCI’s Chris Gloninger at Tupelo Honey

Chris Gloninger is the fresh face of local TV weather. He replaced Kurtis Gertz as TV 8 chief meteorologist last summer after Gertz retired from a 25-year career. Ed Wilson [...]

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Posted April 06, 2022in Lunch With...

Miriam Erickson Brown at Latin King

Miriam Erickson Brown has been CEO of Anderson Erickson Dairy since 2006. She is also a major player in all things American dairy — chair of the International Dairy Foods [...]

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Posted March 02, 2022in Lunch With...

Troy and Cody Trostel at La Familia

Troy and Cody Trostel are the sons of my late friend Paul Trostel, who owned nine trendsetting central Iowa restaurants. Troy is currently the head chef at David’s Milwaukee Grill [...]

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Posted February 02, 2022in Lunch With...

Dr. Claudia Addy at Manhattan Deli

Dr. Claudia Addy is a podiatrist who has also worked at the Great Ape Trust and run for U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and the Iowa House. Currently she works for [...]

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Posted January 05, 2022in Lunch With...

Chrissy Johnson and ‘Mama’ Helen Frizzell

Mike Whalen, a developer, restaurateur and pundit, once spoke to the Iowa Restaurant Association suggesting that a restaurant, as well as any institution, personifies our collective humanity. That was a [...]

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Posted December 01, 2021in Lunch With...

Steve Little

Former owner of Johnny’s Vets Club, Winston’s and Chef’s Kitchen chose to meet at Cosi Cucina. Chef Steve Little owned Johnny’s Vets Club, Winston’s and Chef’s Kitchen. He sold the [...]

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Posted November 03, 2021in Lunch With...

Tony Lemmo at Breakfast Club

Restauranteur talks about COVID, family, creative geniuses and a dream house. Tony Lemmo owns Aposto at Café di Scala and is a partner in Gusto, Juniper Moon, El Guapo, Breakfast [...]

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Posted October 06, 2021in Lunch With...

Jeff Chelesvig at Royal Mile

Des Moines Performing Arts president and CEO shares thoughts about his personal background, travel, and COVID impacts to the industry. Jeff Chelesvig is the president and CEO of Des Moines [...]

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