Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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Posted July 09, 2014in Locker Room

Need for speed

Racing events are packed with nerve-racking action and excitement. And there’s no place better to check it out than at “The Fastest Short Track on the Planet”: the Iowa Speedway. “We can affirm this because last year, Helio Castroneves blistered the Iowa Speedway track record with a lap of 185.687

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Posted July 02, 2014in Locker Room

Summer Beer Olympics

“I usually don’t have a burger, a brat, and a steak but…it is 4th of July. And I need the energy if I’m gonna start blowin’ crap up. It’s what the founding fathers would want.” —Jim Gaffigan A few beers to wash all that down makes for one hell of

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Posted June 25, 2014in Locker Room

Sun’s out. Buns out.

Despite what some believe, the rush after a nice workout is worth all the bitching and moaning it took to get you started. And after a spot of exercise, is there anything better than cracking open a cold one and dropping trou (short for trousers)? Simply put: No. But what

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Posted June 18, 2014in Locker Room

Shot in the dark

What do soccer and bowling have in common? Aside from being two sports that can’t get proper air time on ESPN, they require a fair amount of eye-hand coordination. Now imagine combining the two sports and removing vision from the mix. What’s left is Goalball, one of the most exciting

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Posted June 11, 2014in Locker Room

Boards down, bodies up

One might consider standup paddle boarding (SUP) a little out of its element here in Iowa — but then again we’re used to being pigeonholed. Just because Iowa lacks an ocean view doesn’t mean we’re without water. With 923 miles of designated water trails and an additional 892 miles currently

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Posted June 04, 2014in Locker Room

High heels in motion

Oh, high heels. We obviously love them because they turn beauties into Amazons and give a pronounced effect to the body (read: booty). And for those prone to slapstick, they occasionally break. It’s like watching the shortest fall off a tightrope. “We brainstormed different ideas of ways to help at

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Posted May 28, 2014in Locker Room

Blurred lines

To be told “you’re glowing” is a compliment usually reserved for women on their wedding day or during their pregnancy. But what about the fellas? Can’t men glow, too? Seems the only time a guy might be described as glowing is after he just finished having “the most fun you

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Posted May 21, 2014in Locker Room

Over the hill and out of the park

As you arrive at the ballpark, you might think you’ve walked on to the set of a Cialis commercial — a mingling pod of over-the-hill gentlemen resting softball bats on their shoulders, smiling with silver-capped toothy (if they’re lucky) grins and patting one another on the back. You didn’t take

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Posted May 14, 2014in Locker Room

Just cocky enough

The Des Moines Roosters season kicks off this Saturday with the 80/35 Metro Tournament. Coming off a national championship season last year, the Roosters are eager to start the new season. Ever heard of ’em? Is it like soccer? Yes… but not exactly. It’s like football, then? Well, there is

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Posted May 07, 2014in Locker Room

Bowling for LLS

Who in the world can knock out a six-pack and a turkey in one evening and still be considered one of the greatest athletes in their sport? Bowlers can, especially with a little guidance from one of professional bowling’s most talented rock-rollers. “When it’s all said and done, I am

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