Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Posted June 17, 2015in Locker Room

BACooN Ride descends on Waukee for second year

When it comes to bike rides in Iowa, nothing is off limits. From crazy costumes to disjointed routes, here in Des Moines, we love to get out in the summer and see everything our city has to offer. It would seem the only thing folks like more is bacon and

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Posted June 10, 2015in Locker Room

Good fun, good swag, good workout

Lace up your running shoes, inflate your bike tires and grab your swim cap, because it’s time to test your merit at the Copper Creek Triathlon. Join friends and family this Sunday in Pleasant Hill and push yourself harder and further than ever before. “The Copper Creek Triathlon (CCT) got

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Posted June 03, 2015in Locker Room

Ride into the night

With all the themed rides about to hit town this summer, why not support one that puts money back into its respective community? The Git Lit Ride in Waukee and Dallas Center will light up the evening this Thursday with its evening ride. “Who doesn’t love a reason to enjoy

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Posted May 27, 2015in Locker Room

Catch the fun

For those of you who talk about how fun fishing is but never seem to make it down to the water, listen up. Des Moines Parks and Recreation (DMPR) is partnering with the Des Moines Izaak Walton League to bring you Carp Fest 2015 at Gray’s Lake on May 30.

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Posted May 20, 2015in Locker Room

A century in the backroads

There are running events and there are RUNNING events. Booneville Backroads Ultra one is the latter. Not every geek off the street is going to be able to compete in the event this weekend, but those who do are likely to be borderline superheroes. “We wanted to put on a

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Posted May 13, 2015in Locker Room

Built for speed

“America’s second-most popular motorsports series, the NASCAR XFINITY Series is pure, authentic and accessible racing,” said Edward J. Williams, director integrated marketing communications at Iowa Speedway in Newton. “The NASCAR XFINITY Series is the racing series where ‘Names are Made Here’ and is like nothing else in major pro sports.”

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Posted May 06, 2015in Locker Room

Cyclo de Mayo IX

When you’re a kid, hopping on your bike and riding with no destination in mind was commonplace. Sure, you probably got lost, but you also rode away with a story to tell your friends. This Saturday, the Cyclo de Mayo IX offers a bit of this nostalgia with a race

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Posted April 29, 2015in Locker Room

Capes on the street

Superheroes. These days it seems like everywhere you look — from the movie theatre to shaving razors — you can’t help but see a costumed hero saving the day. While they may not be in our skies, this weekend they’ll at least be hitting streets during the Beaverdale Superhero 5K.

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Posted April 22, 2015in Locker Room

This week marks the 106th annual Drake Relays, and as Drake Relays Director Brian Brown has declared, “The Sky Is The Limit.” Some of the finest athletes in the world will descend upon Des Moines on April 22 and continue through April 26. “Nearly every elite athlete comments on the

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Posted April 15, 2015in Locker Room

Running for Mother Earth

Entering its 45th year, Earth Day has become a prominent celebration locally and internationally. The height of hippie and flower child culture in the United States, 1970 brought the death of Jimi Hendrix, the last Beatles album and Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Protest was the order of

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