Sunday, April 19, 2015

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See red and smile

A little bit of exercise goes a long way. Whether you’ve been sedentary for years or just found yourself in a bit of a lazy patch, today is the day you can begin to make healthy changes in your life. And you can even start small. Not ready for the

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Posted January 28, 2015in Locker Room

Go in the snow

Slow-pitch on ice. Combining the athleticism found at the bottom of a beer, the grace of a derailed train and the camaraderie of a night on the town, snoball may just be the sport of the Midwest. Now in it’s 22nd year, the Adult Snoball Softball Tournament has been attracting

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Battle at the Barn 2015

With floors sticky enough to remove the shoes from your feet, you might think you’re in a low-rent movie theatre. But this is just how they like it on the racetrack. The roar of tiny engines is sure to impress even the causal spectator, as everything from motorcycles to lawn

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Cardboard, Paint and Duct Tape

Life may be more about the journey than the destination, but time trials are another story. It doesn’t matter how you finish, only that you do finish. While Iowans were able to survive last week’s snowpocolypse, this Saturday, at Sleep Hollow Sports Park, it’s about conquering it. Lace up your

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Tundra Training Series

  Inevitably, the arrival of the New Year brings well-intentioned resolutions. Favorites include pledges to quit smoking, drink less, spend more time with family and friends, travel more, develop a hobby, etc. At the top of most lists is exercise. While you should be exercising regularly year-round, why not start

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Not just for Robin Hood

  Heroes use them. Hunters use them. Hell, even Scottish princesses use them. So why not take a look this year at the increasingly popular sport of archery.   “The ISAA Pro-Am started in Des Moines 21 years ago by the Iowa State Archery Association (ISAA), which is affiliated with

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Shake it up and stretch it out

Exercising with a group of strangers? Pass. Attending a dance party with a group of strangers? Yes. Somehow combine the two to create a unique experience that breaks down your self-conscious nature as well as your body fat? Zumba! “If you talk with children and ask them if they can

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Hy-Vee Big Four Classic

’Tis the season to try and fit a little more in — a little more food on the table, a couple of more presents under the tree and a little more basketball into your day. Check out one of the marquee basketball events in the Midwest — the Hy-Vee Big

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Kick the tires and light the fires

Give those walking/running shoes a break and put on something comfortable, add a little flare to the outfit, mix in substantial portions of generosity and libations, and you’ve got yourself a block-party. “The Big Wheel Rally is an opportunity for people to get together, show off their creative talents and

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The good, the bad and the ugly… sweaters

Every year it is the same: The cold is somehow unexpected, families who haven’t seen each other all year get together twice in as many weeks, and the pre-Christmas season keeps sticking its nose in months that end in “-ber.” Happy freakin’ holidays! Along with the Christmas season comes a

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