Friday, July 25, 2014

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Just cocky enough

The Des Moines Roosters season kicks off this Saturday with the 80/35 Metro Tournament. Coming off a national championship season last year, the Roosters are eager to start the new season. Ever heard of ’em? Is it like soccer? Yes… but not exactly. It’s like football, then? Well, there is

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Bowling for LLS

Who in the world can knock out a six-pack and a turkey in one evening and still be considered one of the greatest athletes in their sport? Bowlers can, especially with a little guidance from one of professional bowling’s most talented rock-rollers. “When it’s all said and done, I am

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A handlebar view of Bike Month

“This summer is going to be different; this summer I’m going to start riding my bike.” You know it’s spring when thoughts like those start teasing at the brain stem. But it’s tough getting started into any new routine, especially one that requires so much physical determination. Bike-riding, though, is

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Celebrating The Blue Oval

One of Des Moines’ longest-running annual traditions is back this weekend at the tender age of 105 years old. Yet that’s not slowing things down. It’s relay time in Dawgtown, and people from around the world are toeing the line just waiting for the starting gun to fire. “As of

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Place your bets… thoroughly

It begins with a slow murmur and gradually builds to a calm shake. Then to a noteworthy grumble. Eventually it feels like Iowa may be on a fault line, as the ground quakes beneath spectators’ feet. It’s racing season at Prairie Meadows. It’s time to see speed, feel it and

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It’s not Jazzercise; it’s like, a Totally ’80s Fun Run

So, like, there are two kinds of people in this world: Those who totally love running, and those who should take a chill pill. Truth be told, those who love running really dig the results, while those who hate it might just hate the way their bod looks when they

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Sea of sharks

Is it better to be lucky? Or, is it better to be skilled? Many might argue it’s better to be skilled at something, because that’s a better reflection of a person’s talent. Others could argue that luck is a devastating trump card that’s always in play but impossible to anticipate.

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Wrestlers face winds of change again

Wrestlers are homosapiens of a different breed. One minute they have a 4,000-calorie meal before them, and the next they’re spitting into a water bottle to cut weight. These mat warriors relish the competition and the thrill of not knowing for certain if they’ll come out on top or be

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For some, the best motivation comes in the form of tough-as-nails, no-nonsense criticism that is biting, unapologetic yet entirely encouraging. Others need a nurturing voice that reminds them that they are at their best when they are trying their hardest. Jillian Michaels manages to combine both strategies in her fitness

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Do you have the eye of the tiger?

It was just three decades ago that Lanny Potts introduced to the world a machine that many would come to love and even more would come to mock: All the entertainment of walking up the downward escalator with none of the fun that comes with dodging pedestrians, the StairMaster is

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