Friday, November 28, 2014

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Turkey Trot

Building up an appetite isn’t particularly difficult this time of year. Warm food season brings the wonderful aromas that entice people to have just one more scoop, one more bowl — just one more. This year, why not try something new with your family and friends and join 400-600 other

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We don’t need skates!

It was bound to happen eventually, though delaying the arrival of snow a little longer would have been preferred. Yes, sometimes you want it to dump on you quickly so you can get used to being wet for the next couple of months, but the silver lining is the validation

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First aid (cocoa) kit

There aren’t many things that will motivate a sedentary person to go for a jog. Aside from being chased by Jason Vorhees or maybe a bribe, most folks are content with how they’ve chosen to best take care of themselves. Fortunately there are more than a couple of things that

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(Family) Fight Night

After 13 long years of lingering like an elephant in the corner, Impact Pro Wrestling (IPW), a family-owned wrestling company, is making its debut in the Capital City. “I put a lot of pressure on myself that if I ever ran in Des Moines, I wanted the situation to be

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In Waukee, foosball plays you

Let us take a dive into the Meta and figure out just what the devil is going on with this week’s athletic endeavor. The game of soccer is played on a massive field where players (depending on position) run about seven miles per game. Foosball is a table-top game that

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Girls of the gridiron

The NFL is now entering its eighth week, and it seems virtually everyone has caught football fever by now. Sure, some just have a side comment or an anecdote about particular players, but others live and die by their team. But don’t worry; there is a cure, and it’s simple:

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Warriors and Nuggets invade Wells

The National Basketball Association (NBA) season is nearly here, and that means only one thing: traveling exhibition games. And while it’s been nearly 17 years since the last NBA matchup in Des Moines, fans are eager to see what the stars have in store for them. Or more appropriately, one

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FootGolf: The best of both sports

You have to admit that FootGolf (a.k.a., SoccerGolf for Americans) sounds like the “brilliant idea” your buddy came up with after a night of excess. Sure it makes sense, and it’s doable — but only in a buddy’s backyard, right? Not if you’ve already got a golf course and a

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The smell of manure in the morning

With the weather cooling down and the winds picking up, time is running out for comfortable running outside. Make the most of the next couple weeks and get out as much as you can. To start, check out the Wild Boar Challenge (WBC) obstacle course. “There are water- and mud-oriented

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Hop in a boat to come out of your SHELL

Sometimes you have to go backwards to move forward. While this may seem like a Yogi Berra quote — or a Tarantino movie trope — it’s an absolute truth when it comes to rowing. “For me personally, I joined up with the Des Moines Rowing Club because I missed rowing,”

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