Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Girls of the gridiron

The NFL is now entering its eighth week, and it seems virtually everyone has caught football fever by now. Sure, some just have a side comment or an anecdote about particular players, but others live and die by their team. But don’t worry; there is a cure, and it’s simple:

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Warriors and Nuggets invade Wells

The National Basketball Association (NBA) season is nearly here, and that means only one thing: traveling exhibition games. And while it’s been nearly 17 years since the last NBA matchup in Des Moines, fans are eager to see what the stars have in store for them. Or more appropriately, one

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FootGolf: The best of both sports

You have to admit that FootGolf (a.k.a., SoccerGolf for Americans) sounds like the “brilliant idea” your buddy came up with after a night of excess. Sure it makes sense, and it’s doable — but only in a buddy’s backyard, right? Not if you’ve already got a golf course and a

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The smell of manure in the morning

With the weather cooling down and the winds picking up, time is running out for comfortable running outside. Make the most of the next couple weeks and get out as much as you can. To start, check out the Wild Boar Challenge (WBC) obstacle course. “There are water- and mud-oriented

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Hop in a boat to come out of your SHELL

Sometimes you have to go backwards to move forward. While this may seem like a Yogi Berra quote — or a Tarantino movie trope — it’s an absolute truth when it comes to rowing. “For me personally, I joined up with the Des Moines Rowing Club because I missed rowing,”

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Whiff-It, whiff it good

After the inaugural Whiffle Ball Classic, Doug Vinsand, Katie Ketelsen, Chris Juhl, Jason Wells and Brian Flynn got together for drinks. Their conversation steered toward setting up a tournament that combined memories of their youth with fundraising. The solution was simple: more Wiffle ball. “We wanted to have a true

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The more, the merrier

Have you heard the latest craze? It’s the new fab exercise sweeping the nation, and we have God to thank! Recent studies suggest that kneeling for long periods of time, followed by occasional standing and swaying, reduces your cholesterol count while boosting your immune system. While the above may be

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The grace of a swan, the ferocity of a jaguar

Understanding others makes a better knowledge of oneself possible, but that understanding takes time and attention. Why not branch out this weekend and take in the sites, sounds, smells and tastes of the Latino Heritage Festival. While enjoying some of the traditional delicacies and entertainment, make time to check out

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Say goodbye to the dog days of summer

Too often, man’s best friend is unable to join its master in fun and camaraderie. While the family piles in the car heading out for adventures, the dog is left behind — except for this weekend. It’s time to take in the last days of summer with your four-legged friends.

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Blood, sweat and beers

A little dirt never hurt anyone. Add in blood, sweat and beers, and you’ve got the makings of a high-octane day that’ll leave you a weathered warrior. So what is Titan MOB? For those who skipped Mythology 101, the Titans were elder gods who ruled earth before being overthrown by

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