Friday, December 19, 2014

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Posted November 26, 2014in GoodNightIowa

It’s Thanksgiving, the time of year when politicians — including Gov. Branstad — take time to pardon turkeys ahead of the big holiday meal… I always wonder what happens to those turkeys after they’re pardoned. I hear it can be really hard to find work if you’ve spent time in

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Posted November 19, 2014in GoodNightIowa

The New York Times recently released rankings for the states most passionate about college football and, with two major conference teams and dedicated fan bases, Iowa came in at fifth-most passionate… Proving once again that love hurts. A student at an Iowa elementary school may be in trouble after he

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Posted November 12, 2014in GoodNightIowa

Gov. Terry Branstad and the most famous mustache in politics were elected to a record sixth term in last week’s midterms… When asked what he has planned for the next four years, Branstad said, “I dunno, maybe a goatee.” A Dollar General Store in Iowa was robbed at gunpoint recently,

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Posted November 05, 2014in GoodNightIowa

It’s official, daylight saving time has come to an end and the days are getting shorter… Hopefully everybody remembered to set their microwave clocks back an hour from blinking 12:00 to blinking 11:00. Farmer and heartthrob Chris Soules was seen in Iowa recently while shooting for the upcoming season of

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Posted October 29, 2014in GoodNightIowa

A northern Iowa county has doubled the bounty on beavers from $25 to $50 each… When asked what will happen if the beaver population isn’t controlled, officials said, “We’ll be dammed.” Gov. Terry Branstad took some heat after making a joke about pushing lawyers through the head of a combine…

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Posted October 22, 2014in GoodNightIowa

At a recent campaign event for U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Braley, First Lady Michelle Obama repeatedly mispronounced Braley’s last name as “Bailey”… President Obama later sympathized with Braley, admitting that sometimes late at night the First Lady mispronounces his name as “Denzel.” Congressman Steve King is giving away a rifle

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Posted October 15, 2014in GoodNightIowa

Some Iowa men recently saved the life of a 10-point buck after they found it trapped in a sinkhole on their farm… After the deer recovers from the scary incident, the lifesaving farmers said they’ll be anxious to sneak up on the deer and kill it. Political activist and real

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Posted October 08, 2014in GoodNightIowa

Iowa native Ashton Kutcher and “That 70’s Show” co-star Mila Kunis are celebrating the birth of a baby girl… Kutcher said he plans to name his daughter after a motherly figure who had a profound impact on his life. Demi Moore is reportedly honored. One of two public pianos in

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Posted October 01, 2014in GoodNightIowa

The Iowa Department of Transportation announced they will hire 600 snow plow operators for the upcoming winter… Interested applicants must possess a commercial driver’s license and demonstrate an ability to bury a residential driveway with snow just after it’s been shoveled. Customers of four Jimmy John’s sandwich shops in Iowa

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Posted September 24, 2014in GoodNightIowa

Vice President Joe Biden visited Des Moines recently to help promote a voter turnout effort led by Catholic nuns touring the country on a bus… Biden said he hasn’t been on a bus that full of single women since campaigning with President Clinton in 1996. A routine inspection at a

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