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Posted May 15, 2013in Geek Chic

Head in the cloud computing

If there is one term in the tech world that is off-putting, exciting and confusing all wrapped in one, it’s cloud computing. While there is definitely a high degree of nerdery when talking about “the cloud,” chances are you are already using several cloud services. YouTube, Wikipedia, WordPress, Dropbox, TurboTax,

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Posted May 08, 2013in Geek Chic

Will the world ever have a real Iron Man?

Let’s say you’re 10 years old, you’ve just seen “Iron Man 3,” and your life is completely changed; you want to be Iron Man. Chances are you’ll never be bitten by a radioactive spider, and it’s too late to have been born on Krypton. But if you study hard enough,

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Posted May 01, 2013in Geek Chic

#Music, Twitter’s way of searching new tunes

Over the last 30 years, the music industry has been hit with repeated body blows: music videos, cassette and CD dubbing, revenue-crippling peer-to-peer mp3 sharing. Long gone are the days of albums going platinum on the day of their release, replaced instead with viral Internet hits and the emerging technology

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Posted April 24, 2013in Geek Chic

Drones, the misunderstood gadget

If such a thing as the “ethics of war” exists, the modern fringe is defined by unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly known as “drones.” Besides spying on people, keeping pilots out of the sky and being extremely efficient killing machines, drones have another trait — they’re really cool. Before you

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Posted April 17, 2013in Geek Chic

Cable a la carte

The cable television industry is capitalism at its most corrupt. Outside of refusing to partake, cable and satellite subscribers have close to zero recourse in bringing down the cost of the service. While it would seem the fate of TV viewers is sealed, one provider has stepped in to potentially

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Posted April 10, 2013in Geek Chic

‘Wearable tech’ not just for sci-fi and spy

No longer relegated to the fictional worlds of Iron Man, James Bond and Star Trek, sometime within the next two years your friends and family will start sporting computerized watches, glasses, rings and potentially more. You may have heard of Google’s much buzzed-about “Project Glass,” a.k.a. “Google Glasses,” a computer-powered

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Posted April 03, 2013in Geek Chic

eLearning an emerging option for higher education

The Internet has taken a proverbial wrecking ball to countless industries: recording, publishing, newspaper, brick-and-mortar retail and so many more. At times it seems like no field is safe. So what is the most likely candidate to be reduced to rubble next? Higher Education. This is truly the information age,

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Posted March 27, 2013in Geek Chic

PERView provides X-ray photography

Just when it seems all smartphones are starting to feel the same, one developer has completely thrown the market for a loop. Two words: X-ray photography. Through a light-capturing advancement known as hyper light-refraction, the application “PERView” is able to amplify the ultra-violet light that bounces off cloth fibers, rendering

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Posted March 20, 2013in Geek Chic

Cable-cutters use Roku 3

Twenty-one years ago, Bruce Springsteen’s “Human Touch” album featured the song “57 Channels (and Nothin’ On).” If Bruce had saved this song for 2013, the title would be somewhere closer to “1,557 Channels (and Nothin’ On).” Even worse, all those wasted channels cost cable and satellite subscriptions far more than

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Posted March 13, 2013in Geek Chic

Uchek, just add urine

While smartphones are generally designed to help users gather information from the outside world, a new application aims to help monitor one’s health through the scientific process of urine analysis. Now before you’re turned off by the “ick” factor this idea generates, no, you will not be peeing on your

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