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Posted September 25, 2013in Game Day

It’s a plot, we tell you!

FIRST DOWN… and goal to go: Baylor scores 70 points a week, produces Heisman Trophy winning quarterbacks, and does everything that the Texas Longhorns are SUPPOSED to do. And yet the word on the street is that some of the high-rollers in Austin feel they’re above poaching the little brother

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Posted September 18, 2013in Game Day

When Tommie Frazier pickets

FIRST DOWN So they’re circling the wagons in Lincoln again. Circling, the Cornhuskers can do. It’s tackling that’s the problem. We kid, of course. Sort of. Nebraska football stories are starting to pull out the old “for the first time since 1961” line again, and which means two things: The

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Posted September 11, 2013in Game Day

A move of panicked desperation

FIRST DOWN: It isn’t so much that Texas gave up 40 points and 550 rushing yards to BYU — although it sure as hell didn’t help matters — as it is the fact that Mack Brown was building toward 2013, that this was supposed to be the year, circled on

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Posted September 04, 2013in Game Day

Fife is the one with the bullet

FIRST DOWN Oh, Lord, the jokes. They’re coming fast and furious now, like Stephen Colbert on the wrong end of a Red Bull enema.                   Q: How do you tell the difference between Barney Fife and the NCAA?                   A: Fife is the one with the bullet.                   And this:

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Posted December 05, 2012in Game Day, Recent Posts

Best and worst bowl matchups

FIRST DOWN:  Wondering which bowls to watch? Here’s a postseason primer …              Best Big 12 bowl matchup: Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M, Cotton Bowl, Jan. 4. Don’t you just love family reunions? After a year apart, two old Big 12 South rivals are set to lock

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Posted November 28, 2012in Game Day

Beckman’s death march, and bowl predictions

FIRST DOWN: Projecting the bowls before we close the books … BIG 12 BOWLS                  Fiesta (Champion/BCS) — Kansas State (10-1) vs. Oregon (11-1)                Sugar (At-large/BCS) — Oklahoma (9-2) vs. Florida (11-1)              

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Posted November 21, 2012in Game Day, Recent Posts

Who will fall on the sword at Iowa?

FIRST DOWN:  So this pal, a University of Iowa alum who used to live in Maryland, comes up to me Saturday night after I text him the latest conference realignment buzz.                  “Cool,” he says. “But what’s in it for the Terps?”      

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Posted November 14, 2012in Game Day, Recent Posts

Ah, hindsight

After leading the program to its first BCS-level postseason victory since the 1950s — the 2010 Orange Bowl, it wasn’t that long ago — coach Kirk Ferentz was rewarded in kind by the University of Iowa. Both sides agreed to a contract extension through 2020 with a remarkable, let’s-add-a-new-indoor-pool-to-the-mansion kind

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Posted November 07, 2012in Game Day, Recent Posts

Hoosiers in the drivers seat?

FIRST DOWN: And goal to go …                 Indiana in the Rose Bowl? The way the Big Ten’s been trending this year, why the heck not? After a come-from-behind win over Iowa, the Hoosiers pushed their record to 4-5 overall, 2-3 in league play. And get this: If the Crimson and

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Posted October 31, 2012in Game Day, Recent Posts

Kansas State picked the wrong year?

FIRST DOWN: The worry in some Big 12 circles right now is that Kansas State might’ve picked the wrong year — crazy as it sounds — to have the season of a lifetime. After thumping Texas Tech last Saturday, the Wildcats are 8-0 and jumped to No. 2 in the

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