Friday, May 26, 2017

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Posted May 03, 2017in Food Dude

Change and tradition at two Italian legends

Analyzing the menus at Sam & Gabe’s and Tumea & Sons When is a comma worth $10 million? When a government dictates “manual of style” etiquette to lawmakers. In Maine, an Oxford comma (one used after the penultimate item in a list of three or more things, before “and” or

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Posted April 05, 2017in Food Dude

Chicago muscles in

Two new eateries — Windy City Style In Carl Sandburg’s America, Chicago was the “stormy, husky, brawling, City of the Big Shoulders.” Recently, its larger-than-life persona begat two local restaurants that cater to big appetites. Pete Faber is a Sandburg-sized native of Des Moines who returned in 2016 after a

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Posted March 01, 2017in Food Dude

30 years ago…

Trostel’s Greenbriar celebrates an anniversary in style When Paul Trostel moved his brand from Ingersoll (Colorado Feed & Grain, Rosie’s Cantina) to Johnston in 1987, there wasn’t much variety in the local dining scene. In fact, Trostel introduced the appetizer menu at Colorado Feed & Grain. Before that, appetizers in Des Moines

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Posted February 01, 2017in Food Dude

New, newer and newest of the year

Remember supersizing? It served the fast food industry a couple decades ago. For a nominal fee, customers could have much larger servings of drinks and fries. The fast food police complained they were prime contributors to the obesity epidemic, and they soon were gone. Remember the Dollar Menu? Fast food

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Posted January 04, 2017in Food Dude

Sweet salsa and grand opera at El Sol Azteca

The year 2016 was disruptive to the status quo. Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for literature, the Chicago Cubs won its first World Series in 108 years, and Donald Trump became president of the United States. It took some time to get used to it all. Yet one friend

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Posted November 30, 2016in Food Dude

Butler Café defies history

Don’t get into the grocery store business. Margins are so small that only the supersized can survive. That has been good advice for 50 years now. It also helps explain why small towns have either been losing population or ceasing to exist in Iowa. People rue the loss of small-town

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Posted November 02, 2016in Food Dude

Food Dude: The Café at the Meadows has the Ultimate Burger

Each fall, Cityview holds a contest to let readers select the ultimate local version of a popular food. Sandwich lovers picked B&B Grocery Meat & Deli’s pork tenderloin as the ultimate sandwich. Steakhouse fans went with Chicago Speakeasy, noodle lovers chose Noodle Zoo, and barbecue aficionados selected Woody’s. Twice we

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Posted October 05, 2016in Food Dude

Magnolia and Marlene know what ladies like

Before dinner after a high school homecoming in the mid 1960s, my date advised me on subjects I knew nothing about. First she told me that it was unseemly for a lady to order for herself. Since I would be ordering for both of us, she also added that no

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Posted August 31, 2016in Food Dude

The new old thing at Vivian’s and Bubba

Sometimes the big new thing isn’t new at all. This year, savvy veterans of the food scene have turned their attention to diner food with a third millennium twist. Earlier, Scot Carlson took over the venerable address that once housed Jimmy’s American Café with Gilroy’s. Recently, Jeff Duncan moved into

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Posted August 10, 2016in Food Dude

Garden fresh at Chef’s Kitchen

After 29 years of weekly columns in Cityview (and its sister publications), this is my first monthly column. I chose Chef’s Kitchen because it represents what is best about both the old and new in Iowa restaurants — neighborly, small-town service and a third millennium emphasis on fresh ingredients. As

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