Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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Supersizing the magic

“The Illusionists” might seem like a super-sized machine. Versions of the show are playing Broadway, London and elsewhere. Dan Sperry, one of seven magicians coming to Des Moines, tells me the production “looks like the MTV Video Awards.” He and the others pull off everything from card tricks to hair-raising

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Three new shows

Moberg Gallery opened an exhibit of the works of Gary Kelley, TJ Moberg, Derrick Breidenthal and Midwest Pressed. Kelley’s paintings usually hang around with historical figures of American history, Greek mythology world art, agriculture, blues and jazz. At exhibitions, people work hard to identify all the famous people in some

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Exile Brewing Co. has found its home

The word “exile” brings about a sense of loneliness, referring to the state of being barred from a particular place, especially a person’s native country. And while that is exactly where Exile Brewing Co. took its name from, the brewery puts a positive spin on it. It is named for

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Rain and cold and dark were all that awaited the women and children riding the late night bus when they were ordered off into the rain and cold and dark. Terrified. “The military men took all of us off the bus, and they put us in a line to wait

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A different way to tri

Don’t toss your trainers in the closet just yet. This weekend, the full-spirited (and well-insulated) will gather in Water Works Park to show their support for family and friends who have been affected by cancer. Their challenge is the DSM Adventure Race, consisting of three events: canoeing, trail running and

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Exclusive tech content below, only $10 to access

There’s something exclusive about being part of a group. Feeling part of a movement or private society is why people join churches or gyms, go to specific schools, buy specific brands and join cults. There are additional benefits to each of those examples, but at their core they are exclusive,

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New kids in the skywalk

Two weeks ago, we wrote a paean here to the wind-grieved luncheonettes of central Iowa. We mentioned that they were victims of urban renewal and moms joining the workplace. One wily reader reminded us that we had forgotten a third likely reason for their demise in Des Moines — the

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Authentic Cuban cuisine, made with love

When Tanya Suarez Tigner opened Ceviche Bar in mid-September, she didn’t expect people to be knocking on her locked door when she closed down the restaurant between lunch and dinner. But within a week of opening, that’s exactly what she got. I stopped into Ceviche one Wednesday at the end

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Posted September 30, 2015in Featured Story, Food Dude

The youngest old pro

Long ago, in a restaurant world without bistros, gastropubs, sports bars or media buzz, Des Moines’ food scene was personality driven. Excellent cafés bore the names of their owners — Babe’s, Vic’s, Rocky’s, Johnny & Kaye’s, Gino’s, Aunt Jenny’s, Noah’s, Lemmo’s, Mr. V’s, Ricceli’s, Raul’s and Chuck’s to name a

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Ice holes

“Benders” Thursday, Oct. 1 (IFC) Series Debut: Denis Leary has produced shows firefighters (“Rescue Me”), EMTs (“Sirens”) and music (“Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll”), so it was inevitable that he’d get around to another of his obsessions: hockey. “Benders”’ beer-soaked concept of an amateur hockey league that spends more time bro-bonding and trash-talking off

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