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Posted November 06, 2019in Feature 3

Restaurant ambiance

What is it, and which ones have it? Restaurant critics used to employ the word ambiance, or ambience, as a factor in their ratings. That’s not as common as it used to be, likely because the word is ambivalent. The Oxford Dictionary says use of the word exploded after World

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Posted October 02, 2019in Feature 3

Root cause

Learn why some central Iowans are turning to holistic, functional medicine to cure body, mind. Brittany Cousins was frustrated with the moodiness and lethargy she felt from the thyroid condition with which she’d been diagnosed. About three years ago, her doctor diagnosed her with hypothyroidism, a condition in which the

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Posted September 04, 2019in Feature 3

America’s Sport

How football has replaced baseball as our sport of choice In 1919, two years before the first baseball radio broadcast, the New York Times reported that all records for crowds at Times Square had been “shattered” by the horde that rubbed shoulders for blocks to watch a scoreboard reenactment of

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Posted July 03, 2019in Feature 3

Re-entering society

Overwhelming majority of ex-cons struggle in their return, but second chances go a long way in easing the integration. Literature, Hollywood, sports, music and politics have given the lie to thereality of ex-convicts returning to the general workplace. The romantic imagescreated by the examples of a few success stories do

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Posted June 05, 2019in Feature 3

Walking on sunshine!

Summer’s slate of outdoor live music has no shortage of music festival offerings, all within driving distance of Des Moines. Woodstock. This summer marks the 50-year anniversary of 1969’smother-of-all music festivals. Hosted on a 600-acre dairy farmin upstate New York, the event somehow caught the proverbial lightning in a bottle

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Posted May 01, 2019in Feature 3

Menace soccer team welcomes new dawn

A new coach, a new league, a new stadium and a new home office. In the U.S., soccer begins again each spring, when everything renews itself. This year, however, is so full of new beginnings for the Des Moines Menace that lilacs might expect to bloom in new colors, shapes

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Posted April 03, 2019in Feature 3

2019 CHOICE Awards

CITYVIEW’s Hall of Iowa Culinary Excellence A veritable hall of fame for people and food institutions that give our city and state a singular quality and/or identity. The idea for the CHOICE awards originated 15 years ago and was inspired by Japan’s Living National Treasures. That program honors “preservers of

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Posted March 06, 2019in Feature 3


Three Des Moines bouncers unleash memories of life protecting the door. The best moments. The worst situations. And the laugh-out-loud incidents. The Des Moines area is home to nearly 300 bars. Not all have security personnel in place, but when it comes to the busier entertainment districts, bouncers can almost

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Posted February 06, 2019in Feature 3

Size matters

And other confusing restaurant myths A favorite junior high school English teacher warned our class about “quality.” At the time, my friends were using the word as an adjective meaning super cool. Basically, Miss Evans reminded us that the word was utterly vague without a modifier. “There is high quality,

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Posted January 02, 2019in Feature 3

Food pride soared in 2018

Harbinger is our choice for restaurant of the year again, as is Joe Tripp for chef of the year. Iowa has always been identified with food, not always in a flattering way. Yet all things change drastically and often before they are obvious. In my lifetime, our state has gone from the nation’s leading

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