Thursday, May 26, 2016

Posted March 09, 2016in Cover Story

Our Chance to Dance

This week, fresh on the heels of a slew of high school state championship events, Wells Fargo Arena will once again be packed with visitors, as the Iowa Events Center welcomes in a big first for the city: the regional round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. March Madness is

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Posted March 02, 2016in Cover Story

Under Fire?

Death happens. Accidents can happen anywhere. Anyone could be killed on the clock at any occupation. But being a cop is different. It’s one of the few occupations where the workers are targeted for harm on purpose. Being shot at with malice is a different kind of danger than anything

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Posted February 24, 2016in Cover Story

The Great Ex-cape

In 2006, producer/director Bryan Singer made what might well be regarded as the most successful flop in Hollywood history in “Superman Returns.” Filmed for nearly a year on location in Australia, the film debuted at No. 1 at the box office and would go on to make $390 million worldwide

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Posted February 17, 2016in Cover Story

Who Wins the Titles?

Our readers have voted. The ballots have been counted. Some favorites continue to dominate. Some newcomers pull off upsets. See a list of all the champions here. Dear reader. This edition is all about you. For a couple of decades now, we’ve asked for, and received, your opinions on who

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Posted February 10, 2016in Cover Story

Flying High

The Iowa Barnstormers begin its second season in the Indoor Football League (IFL) with high spirits and higher expectations. After an inaugural IFL season that saw the team finish with a 6-8 record, second-year coach Joe Brannen has restocked his defensive line, secured a top-flight quarterback and is taking aim

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Posted February 03, 2016in Cover Story

A tale of 3 tickets

You’re more likely to be struck by lightning while drowning than you are to strike it rich playing Powerball. Nevertheless, the recent lottery jackpot had Iowans feverish to buy. Iowa Lottery players, hungry to claim the $1.6 billion jackpot, bought more than $12 million in Powerball tickets for the drawing

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Posted January 27, 2016in Cover Story

What if?

Brokered convention? Third-party candidates? Paul Ryan? Six local insiders sound off on what the Iowa caucuses may bring. A billionaire television star could win one party’s caucus, and a socialist might win the other. Looking at this year’s caucus free-for-all, Cityview wonders: Is this really happening? We interviewed six central

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Posted January 20, 2016in Cover Story

Winter arts & Entertainment Guide

Iowa winters are unpredictable, especially this year’s, which so far has been the warmest winter on record. But the snow finally hit the ground, and the outdoor activities have moved inside to warmer spaces. That doesn’t mean the metro event calendar has stopped, though. Big-budget films like “Batman v Superman”

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Posted January 13, 2016in Cover Story

Joy to the Jam

Since its inception in 1995, the Christian music-based Winter Jam (originally known as January Jam) has grown to become the largest American music tour, regardless of genre. Routinely bringing nearly a half million faithful listeners together every year, Winter Jam is a dominating musical force. In 2010, for example, according

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Posted January 06, 2016in Cover Story


“Clean your plate, or you’re grounded.” Just about everyone heard some variation of that admonition growing up in mid-20th-century America. Filmmakers like Ingmar Bergman included scenes with willful children, often orphans, sitting up all night rather than complying. Etiquette taskmaster Emily Post was stern on the subject, writing in 1953

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