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Posted November 30, 2016in Cover Story

Winter Arts & Entertainment

Film “Jackie” Dec. 2 Directed by Pablo Larraín, starring Natalie Portman, Peter Sarsgaard and Greta Gerwig Rated R Natalie Portman plays a grieving Jacqueline Kennedy in this biographical drama outlining the events following the 1963 presidential assassination. America is mourning the loss of its iconic young president (John Carroll Lynch),

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Posted November 02, 2016in Cover Story, Feature 3

Colonial Revival: Des Moines’ Witmer house comes full circle

It was the 1960s. We had a big car and a small house. That helps explain why driving around the city was one of our family’s favorite pastimes. Perhaps we were trying to see how the other half lived, not that I really knew the difference. We would hop in

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Posted July 27, 2016in Cover Story

Dead tired
Not getting a good night’s sleep isn’t just harmful to your overall well-being — it can be deadly, too

Todd Rullestad was used to getting the elbow in the middle of the night from his wife, Ashley. Not an accidental, rollover tap, but the “You’re snoring, wake up, stop it,” version. But it wasn’t just her husband’s snoring that concerned Ashley — he also seemed to stop breathing. At

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Posted July 20, 2016in Cover Story

Swimsuit Issue 2016

It’s July, which means it’s beach weather and time for Cityview’s sixth annual Swimsuit Edition. Cityview sent out a call, received applications and selected some of the most beautiful models in the area for the photoshoots. In the pages that follow, you can check out the girls “next door” showing

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Posted June 29, 2016in Cover Story, Homepage Cover Story

Our look at the day, the declaration, the people and the promise of our American scripture

Odd as it may seem, the first published news about the Declaration of Independence and our glorious Fourth of July was the top “Twitter” post of 1776. In 13 words and 78 letters, the Pennsylvania Evening Post squeezed some late-breaking news onto its Page 4: “This day the CONTINENTAL CONGRESS

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Posted June 22, 2016in Cover Story

Des Moines’ Most Dangerous Places
You might be surprised what you learn

    One man was doused in lighter fluid, set on fire and burned to death. Another man, at a different location, was a victim of a shooting and passed away on a central city neighborhood lawn. Des Moines isn’t generally considered dangerous, but the metro has seen 62 criminal

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Posted June 15, 2016in Cover Story

‘You took away my worth’

  A sexual assault victim’s powerful message to her attacker   On Jan. 17, 2015, a 19-year-old Stanford University freshman, Brock Allen Turner, was spotted by two fellow Stanford students thrusting himself upon the body of an unconscious and barely-clad woman behind a dumpster near a campus fraternity house. Turner

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Posted June 08, 2016in Cover Story

Pride Fest June 10-12 festival is as East Village as apple pie

    Iowans are famous for being “Iowa nice,” but Des Moines made history in 1977 by way of a press conference where two non-Iowan activists and a slice of fruit pie apparently didn’t get the memo. Beauty-queen-turned-singer-turned anti-gay-rights crusader Anita Bryant, who was in town lobbying against legislation regarding

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Posted June 01, 2016in Cover Story

2016 CHOICE Awards
Cityview’s Hall of Iowa Culinary Excellence
We recognize central Iowa’s culinary trendsetters with our second annual CHOICE Awards

This story is about an honor inspired three decades ago by Japan’s Living National Treasures. That internationally famous program venerated “preservers of important intangible cultural properties.” During the years of American occupation immediately after World War II, the Japanese worried that unique cultural traditions (noh, kabuki, origami, kumi, teapot ceramics,

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Posted May 25, 2016in Cover Story

2016 Summer Arts and Entertainment

Art By Jeff Pitts and Julie Paulson School’s out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take in some culture and “high society.” Throughout the summer season, high quality art is available for your enjoyment and to expand your mind. From music, to visual arts, to film or even dance, it’s

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