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Posted April 30, 2014in Book Review

‘The Power of Habit’ is a good start

Courtesy of Beaverdale Books Review by Sally Wisdom Random House Jan. 7, 2014 $16 383 pp. In “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business,” Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter Charles Duhigg takes an intriguing look at how habits are made and broken

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Posted April 23, 2014in Book Review

Stop and smell the roses with Violet

Courtesy of Beaverdale Books “Vintage” by Susan Gloss William Morrow & Company $25.99 320 pp Violet is a young woman who owns Hourglass Vintage, a boutique in Madison, Wis. Early in the story, a customer comes in and disdainfully asks if all of the clothing is used. Violet replies by

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Posted April 16, 2014in Book Review

Paretsky’s latest, ‘Critical Mass,’ complements mystery series

Courtesy of Beaverdale Books “Critical Mass” By Sara Paretsky Putnam Adult  Oct. 22, 2013 Hardcover $26.95 465 pp. “Critical Mass” spans several generations, starting in the years leading up to World War II and ending with the current generation in Chicago. V.I. “Vic” Warshawski, a  private investigator, has been Sara

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Posted April 09, 2014in Book Review

‘Grim’ collection revives fantasy and lore

Courtesy of Beaverdale Books Review by Julie Goodrich “Grim” Harlequin Teen 2/25/14 480 pp $16.99 Fairytales have a universal appeal that doesn’t just rest in children. These stories stick around because they speak to a side of us that longs for adventure, romance and maybe even a dragon or two.

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Posted April 02, 2014in Book Review

A-bomb secrets revealed in ‘The Girls of Atomic City’

Courtesy of Beaverdale Books Review by Cathryn Lang “The Girls of Atomic City” Touchstone Books 3/11/14 $16 373 pp. The scientists behind the Manhattan Project (especially J. Robert Oppenheimer) are well-known. In “The Girls of Atomic City,” Kiernan brings us the “bottom-up” stories of the workers who actually constructed the

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Posted March 26, 2014in Book Review

‘No Pulp, Please’ is less than enlightening

Review by Kris Kelly Gannett, Inc. 2/29/14 80 pp. First-time author and former Gannett Inc. staff writer Aric Jones squeezes the pulpy backstory out of one of the Des Moines metro’s free publications with his new book, “No Pulp, Please.” Jones said he got the idea he wanted to be

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Posted March 19, 2014in Book Review

‘Someone Else’s Love Story’ is good gossip

Courtesy of Beaverdale Books Review by Fay Jones William Morrow & Company 11/19/13 $26.99 300 pp. Shandi Pierce is 21 years old living life with her precocious 3-year-old son, Natty, and her best friend, Walcott, in tow while trying to better her life. She’s taking herself and Natty from her

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Posted March 12, 2014in Book Review

‘Still Life with Bread Crumbs’ keeps it simple

Courtesy of Beaverdale Books Review by Sally Wisdom Random House Jan. 28, 2014 $26 252 pp. For nearly 40 years, Anna Quindlen has written columns, essays and novels that examine the complexity of human interaction and have special appeal to women of the baby boomer generation. Her newest novel, “Still

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Posted March 05, 2014in Book Review

‘The Light Between Oceans’ helps readers see the light

Courtesy of Beaverdale Books Review by Shirley Shiffler Scribner Book Company 4/2/13 $16 352 pp. If you are like me, you get a little thrill when a book you’ve read stands out as something extraordinary. The “Light Between Oceans” is one such book, captivating me with its strongly developed characters,

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Posted February 26, 2014in Book Review

‘The Real Boy’ brings fantasy and magic back to the heart

Courtesy of Beaverdale Books Review by Harriet Leitch Walden Pond Press Sept. 24, 2013 Hardcover $16.99 341 pp. Anne Ursu’s “The Real Boy” is a work of magic and fantasy that revolves around numerous themes of friendship, self-esteem, self-reliance and societal over-dependence on life-saving magic. Oscar is the “hand” for

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