Saturday, February 6, 2016

Posted February 03, 2016in Belly Up

A final resting spot

For years, regular bar patron Mike Walsh would frequent the Greenwood Lounge every day. He would sit at the bar and gaze out the window at Ingersoll Avenue and wax poetic about the old trolley that used to travel back and forth along there. Suddenly the staff at the Greenwood

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Posted January 27, 2016in Belly Up

Reclaimed Rails takes its place in history

Reclaimed Rails brewery began production in late 2015, but the history of the brews, the building and the location have not only a long history but a bright future for the Bondurant business as well. Owners Jeremy Boka, Chandler Parsons, JC Obrecht and Dave Coy got together a year ago

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Posted January 20, 2016in Belly Up

American Outlaws — taking time to get it right

Opening a bar has never been the easiest thing for owners. There’s music, drinks, new customers and hundreds of other preparations and purchases that need to be made before the big opening day. American Outlaws opened as a newly renovated bar on Oct. 23 after Kamodo Club closed there for

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Posted January 13, 2016in Belly Up

Juniper Moon brings elegance to Des Moines

As young men, the owners of Juniper Moon each had a favorite Des Moines restaurant, bar and place to hang out. Now they have their own bar that Des Moines natives can call home, but it’s quite different than any other in Des Moines. Joe McConville, Daniel Smith, Josh Holderness

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Posted January 06, 2016in Belly Up

Drink Up Sports Bar wants to change the game

A bit of nostalgia and a lot of hometown love has become the start for Drink Up Sports Bar and the Urbandale community. Will Wynkoop and Mellissa Murphy opened Drink Up on Nov. 6, in hopes of restoring the image of that part of town. Their hopes for the bar

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Posted December 23, 2015in Belly Up

Bar top Burlesque meets L.A. at London Underground

One step into London Underground gives guests a feel of the dream that owner Jess Clyde set into motion nine years ago. The English-themed pub is decorated in British memorabilia including a classic red telephone booth. “Our niche is that we are the only bar in town without televisions,” said

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Posted December 16, 2015in Belly Up

Jasper Winery: a whole wine experience

A calm getaway can sometimes be hard to find here in Des Moines, but just a few blocks off Fleur Drive, Jasper Winery offers guests a break from the city life. A few open acres of fields and prairie allow guests to enjoy wine in the great outdoors, whether they

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Posted December 09, 2015in Belly Up

A place for everyone

The recent renovation of a historic music venue has brought upon a new focus for Lefty’s Live Music. Shirts from every band to ever play at Lefty’s line the ceiling, while snacks and beer from around the metro area are served every night. “We stuck to our gameplan. We wanted

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Posted December 02, 2015in Belly Up

A unique ride around town

Biking is often described as a hobby, a fun sport, or a way of exercise. But for Dave Welch and Mike Moreno, it has become much more than that. What began is a hobby and a fun thing to do with friends became a business partnership for Welch and Moreno

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Posted November 25, 2015in Belly Up

For the love of Urbandale

Urbandale is home for The U Neighborhood Bar and Grill owners, Chris Van Horn, Jeremy Payne and Chris Lynch. They chose to let their ownership show that and much more about their love for the community. Each owner grew up in Urbandale and decided to settle down in the city

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